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The Dangers Of Smoking Alcohol

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Smoking alcohol is the latest craze to getting drunk for teens and young adults alike, and has become a YouTube sensation overnight. Doctors and professionals are sending out strong warnings to those who decide to smoke their booze rather than drink it, because of the drastic affects it can have on the body. Smoking alcohol may seem harmless, but when you look at the facts, it’s understandable why people are concerned.

Smoking Alcohol Can Kill

Smoking alcohol is the act of inhaling alcohol rather than drinking it. It sounds strange, but alcohol vapors actually give you an instant high and are a huge hit with those who want to get drunk fast, but don’t want to run the risk of packing on the pounds.

No supposed weight gain and an instant buzz – where’s the problem? Doctors not only state the dangers of smoking alcohol, but that it can also be extremely addicting and you can still absorb calories from inhaling it. Smoking alcohol is the equivalent of drinking about 5 shots at once. Pure alcohol vapors go right to the brain when inhaled causing a greater risk of severe brain damage. In addition, our organs work as a filter that helps let your body know when you have ingested too much alcohol. When drinking alcohol, it takes time to affect the body. If a person drinks too much alcohol, the body will try to expel the toxins by vomiting. When a person inhales the alcohol, there is no filter and they are at a greater risk of alcohol poisoning.

Vaporizing Alcohol On Youtube

Vaporizing and smoking alcohol is made to look easy on Youtube, and more people are attempting this at home. One video shows a young man smoking alcohol in a bottle, pumping it with air, and sucking in the fumes. Within seconds he appears to be drunk. There is no limit to what kind of alcohol you can smoke, ranging from vodka, whiskey, champagne, beer, and even wine.  Smoking alcohol may just be the next generation of binge drinking.

Smoking alcohol videos on Youtube are promising teens and young adults a quick and easy drunk without consequences, but without being armed with the proper facts about the dangers of smoking alcohol, it has the power to kill. In addition, you can still get a DUI from smoking alcohol because it’s in the blood stream, and it’s still illegal to do for anyone under the legal drinking age. If you know someone who has a problem with alcohol please contact us now. Addiction to alcohol can start at any time and at any age; protect yourself and your loved ones today.1-800-861-1768.

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