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Smoking Weed: The Dangers Of Dabbing

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As if just smoking a joint wasn’t good enough, now there is a new way to get even higher off weed and it’s called Dabbing. So what exactly is dabbing? Dabbing is to marijuana what molly is to ecstasy or crack is to powdered cocaine, it’s basically a small amount of high concentrated hash oil that is extracted from a marijuana plant. The user heats the concentrated oil and inhales the smoke. It’s not uncommon for users to find new ways to get high with their favorite drugs; some even try smoking alcohol, but what dangers are lurking around the corner with these new ways to get high?

Dangers Of Dabbing

Marijuana overdoses are one of the biggest concerns when it comes to users dabbing.  Although overdosing on marijuana is very different from other drugs like heroin, alcohol, or molly; it’s still dangerous. When a person ingests too much marijuana they may experience excessive sweating, increased heart rate, and memory problems. The main concern for a marijuana overdose is passing out, which can be dangerous if the person is mobile or operating a vehicle. Other health risks may include asphyxiation from vomiting, unwanted sexual encounters, and poor judgment and decision making; especially if it involved mixing in other drugs. All of these factors can have lasting damaging effects both emotionally and physically.

It’s Just Weed, It’s Natural

The truth is that most weed made today is not your parent’s or grandparent’s 1960’s pot, it’s been changed and altered to create better profit for dealers. The other factor people need to consider is that it’s not just about the drug, it’s about the person. If someone is an addict or alcoholic, they have a disease of addiction, which is a primary progressive chronic brain disease. What does that actually mean for the ex-alcoholic or heroin addict that just wants to smoke a little weed? Because the disease of addiction is a brain disease, the addict/alcoholic will not be able to smoke weed like other people may be able to do. They will either become addicted to weed or they will want to go back to their drug of choice because it’s not the high they want. Weed is a trigger for them in the fact that it brings those cravings right back to the service and the obsession starts all over again. For the person that is not an addict or alcoholic that wants to smoke a little weed and thinks they can’t get addicted, think again. Doing too much of any one substance can and does lead to addiction. The real question here is why are we as a society trying to find new ways to get high? What are we really escaping from and why?

If you find that you once your start using you can’t stop, and once you stop using, you can’t stay stopped; you may have a substance abuse problem. There is hope outside of drug abuse, call us today for more information:  1-800-861-1768.

Dabbing Update as of 12/04/2013: The DEA Scheduled To Create A Pot Concentrate Code

Recently the Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA, is scheduled to generate a new Administration Controlled Substances Code Number for Marijuana Extract. The new drug code will allow the DEA, along with their registered entities, to keep track of cannabis concentrates. The tracking of the marijuana extract will be separate from the marijuana plant & marijuana flowers.

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