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The Center for Disease Control Reports 5 Main Causes Of Death That Are Preventable

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) just announced that the five main causes of deaths account for two thirds of all deaths in the U.S., and they are preventable .

The Center For Disease Control Statistics

There are five things that kill more Americans than any other known causes, and they are (in no particular order): cancer, heart disease, lung disease (emphysema and chronic bronchitis), stroke, and accidental deaths like car accidents or prescription medication overdoses.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that these five causes equal around 900,000 deaths per year.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a report that suggests that we could prevent at least a third of these deaths if we took the proper action towards a healthier lifestyle in our communities and our homes. There are already two communities in South Florida making a change to help build a healthier way of life.

Broward County and Palm Beach County, Fl

There are roughly 700,000 people residing in Broward County (located in South Florida) alone. The community has been greatly improving the safety and accessibility of public transportation, and providing a means for its residents to safely ride bikes and walk to and from locations.

Operation Medicine Cabinet was also started in Broward County by the Sheriff’s department in order to safely provide a means to dispose of unwanted and dangerous prescription medications to help prevent abuse. Palm Beach County also has a take-back prescription medication program of its own.  If more communities took part in this program, we might see a decrease in accidental overdose deaths from pills.

How Can I Help Change My Community?

If you know someone is suffering from an illness or is showing signs of health issues, let them know your concerns and possibly offer assistance in helping them find treatment that can help.

If you know someone is abusing prescription drugs, or any substances, call us now at 1-855-587-9444. If they are addicted, they may need a detox program to help them safely withdrawal to help prevent an overdose.

It’s Time For Change

Changes are never easy, but life is changing regardless, and our communities and youth are suffering as a result of no action. It’s time that we took action towards creating a better life for ourselves, our loved ones, and the future.  We can’t just talk or debate about it anymore – how are you helping your body and community today? Change starts with you!

“Be the change you wish to see in this world.” – Gandhi

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