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The 5 Stages of Alcoholism: Progressive Disease

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current situationThere are many different theories and stages of alcoholism, but there is one that trumps all the rest: the fact that it is a disease. It’s labeled as a disease because it has recognizable symptoms, causes and different methods of treatment. The one thing that alcoholism doesn’t have is a cure, but it does have a solution. There are different stages of alcoholism that can classify the alcoholic and where they generally are in the progression of their disease.

Stages of Alcoholism

The different stages of alcoholism all involve signs and symptoms that come along with them.

Social Drinking

This can be anywhere from one to two drinks a day, with no alcoholic behavior.

Drinking For Stress Release

One of the first signs of alcoholic behavior, in which the need for a drink starts to become routine.

Frequent Drinking

Drinking to relieve or escape feelings, stress or guilt is one of the most critical stages of alcoholism.

Alcohol Dependence

This is where frequent blackouts, excuses to drink, unwilling to discuss or explain your drinking, behavior changes, lying and unmanageability come into play.

Alcohol Obsession

This is where all you can do is thinking about drinking, you stop eating because it will ruin your buzz, your health starts to deteriorate, you start growing resentful towards anyone who attempts to get in the way of your drinking, and your emotions are running rapid.

These stages of alcoholism can vary for each person who is struggling with an alcohol dependence problem, but no matter which order, every alcoholic shows at least one of those signs. When you are progressing through the stages of alcoholism, denial starts to grow within the alcoholic, and the need to control everything increases in their behavior. The alcoholic will start putting blame on others and playing what is considered the victim roll, which is also called manipulation. At this point, the alcoholic will not want to get help for his disease, and probably doesn’t think that he/she has a problem at all.

Treatment for Alcoholism

The biggest recommendation for treating alcoholism is going to an alcohol treatment center. The stages of alcoholism can easily be minimized if the proper help is sought. Ultimately, the first step to finding a solution to one’s alcoholism is the realization of powerlessness. That can be found while getting proper treatment, while surrounded by therapy, caring staff and nurses/doctors that will help the alcoholic detox off of the alcohol in the most comfortable way possible. Choosing to seek treatment for an addiction, no matter what it is, is never easy and can be very intimidating. Choosing a better life for yourself is better than no longer wanting to live. If you or someone you know is struggling with an alcohol problem and needs help, call The Watershed today at 800-853-1614. Choose to change your life for the better!

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