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Thanksgiving Ideas For the Those In Early Recovery From Addiction

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Thanksgiving GobbleAs the holiday’s approach you may be feeling a little nervous if you are in early recovery.  Remember if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, so don’t set yourself up to be left with nothing to do.  Here are some quick Thanksgiving ideas that could help you stay sober and thankful that you are in recovery.

Thanksgiving Ideas

If you’re unsure about what kind of Thanksgiving ideas exist, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities that will allow you to be of service to others and give back to the community.  One of the best Thanksgiving ideas is volunteering because it’s a great way to express gratitude on the holiday specified for giving thanks.

Homeless Shelters

Volunteering at a shelter or even a recovery club house can be such a rewarding experience during the holiday’s.  If you’re feeling down on Thanksgiving, it may lift your mood to make you appreciative and focus on what you do have in life, which is what the holiday is all about anyway.  If you interested in helping out at a local homeless shelter, be sure to reach out before hand so you are prepared ahead of time and know what you are doing.  Hold yourself accountable for keeping the commitment and following through with the plans you make.  This will also benefit you because it will help you grow as a dependable and reliable human being.  Odds are that when you were active in your disease of addiction, you weren’t the most reliant of people to say the least.  Now in recovery, you can be grateful this Thanksgiving that you can implement that positive change.

Thanksgiving Day Parade 

There is nothing like a Thanksgiving day parade!  Gather some loved ones and go out and enjoy this holiday with lots of floats, food, activities, and love. Don’t have a parade near you? You can always gather a group and watch it on T.V. while enjoying each others company.

Looking for more stuff to do here in South Florida? Click here: Upcoming Delray Beach, Fl Events

Be Present

Most importantly, be present and authentic with others.  Whether it’s your first Thanksgiving clean and sober or it’s another year in recovery that you are celebrating the holiday, be grateful that you are free from the obsession of alcohol and/or other drugs.  You finally should be able to just be and enjoy the presence of friends, family, and loved ones.  What better ways could make up Thanksgiving ideas than that?  If you are fortunate enough to be around your family and friends this Thanksgiving, try expressing what each of you are grateful for this year to each other.  It’s a special way for you to connect with one another while being open and honest on a deeper level about the pleasures in life that recovery has provided you the blessing of revealing. If you want to be able to be present this season, make sure you are working your program of recovery by attending meetings and connecting with your sober supports.

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Happy Thanksgiving from The Watershed!

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