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Targiniq ER: New Drug Treatment for Opiate Addiction Gets FDA Approval

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A new drug called Targiniq ER  just passed approval from the Food and Drug Administration, FDA, this week.  With the heroin epidemic making its way into the public’s eyes, Targiniq ER is an odd cross of oxycodone and naloxone.  The new drug is unique in its structure for having results of both drugs because oxycodone acts as a painkiller while naloxone acts as an antidote for overdoses from opiates.

Targiniq ER Now FDA Approved

So what does this new drug do exactly?  Purdue Pharma created the drug to both concurrently cease physical pain and prevent abuse of the drug.  Many people might scratch their heads over this because it seems impossible that a painkiller could work when there is a block for its opiate-like qualities that perform the derailing of pain, but Targiniq ER does claim to do both effectively.  It is only when the drug is broken up that the naloxone effects would work, counteracting oxycodone and ultimately having no result.  This is how Purdue Pharma attempts to prevent people from abusing the drug and promoting risk of misuse.

Painkiller Abuse

With the rise in the country of opiate drug abuse and deaths in particular, new forms of medications that can treat pain without causing addiction are in demand.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated that 46 people’s lives are taken every single day as a result of an overdose from prescription drugs.  It was proven in 2010 that anti-abuse drugs are effective when Purdue Pharma invented a “less likely to be abused” alternative to the heavily abused painkiller, OxyContin.  The similar drug was created because OxyContin was considered by 36% of people to be an abused drug of choice.  Nearly two years after the alternative was created, a mere 13% reported to abuse it.  With the positive results of this previous breakthrough for a nonaddictive painkiller, scientists hope Targiniq ER will hold up to its intended potential.

Targiniq ER Potential For Abuse Regardless

While the FDA has approved the drug, they still issue a warning that it should not be the first medication to turn to when seeking the alleviation of pain.  Professional addiction analysts concur, believing that despite the drug’s properties, the potential for abuse may still remain.  The consumption of the drug is still on par with oxycodone and the danger of addiction remains considering it is a new drug.  Drug addicts have been known to easily get addicted to even so-called nonaddictive substances, so the future of Tarqiniq ER and its long-term effectiveness remain unknown.  A scientist that specializes in the field of alcohol and drug abuse went on to say that the new upcoming day “will likely help, but it doesn’t fix the inherent problem that people addicted to opiates will continue to use them.”

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