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Emily Bauer: Synthetic Marijuana Nearly Kills Teen

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December 16, 2012, Emily Bauer, a 16 year old girl from Cypress, Texas, nearly died as a direct result of smoking synthetic marijuana labeled “potpourri” (also commonly known as spice or K2). Emily’s body reacted violently after taking the drug; she experienced several strokes, narrowly escaped death, and is now permanently brain damaged. The government has been trying for several months to ban these products in the U.S., but they keep running into road blocks when manufacturers change the ingredients. Many people are unaware of the dangerous side effects despite how much media hype synthetic drugs like spice and bath salts have made this past year.

Emily Bauer Synthetic Weed

The reality is that these synthetic marijuana manufacturers are just modern day street drug dealers. They have found a way to produce a drug that can be pushed legally by labeling it “potpourri” or “bath salts” and give warnings to not ingest. While the government fights to ban these products, we as a society, need to help educate our youth and community about the dangers of these drugs. If there is no one to buy them, they will cease to exist. We can push them off the shelves, just like we pushed the drugs off the streets in the War On Drugs campaign, but they will find a new way to resurface.

Synthetic Marijuana vs. Natural Weed

The unfortunate reality we face is the innumerous amount of myths surrounding synthetic weed and natural weed. The battle of which drug is better; natural weed vs. synthetic marijuana, makes no real sense when you look at the destruction both have caused. Just ask those who have been affected by marijuana physically and emotionally.  Even more unfortunate are the many adults who are the ones arguing over this.  At what point to we stop and ask ourselves, why do we need any drugs to have fun or cope with life at all? What kind of example are we to our youth? What are we telling teens like Emily Bauer? The reality is we are telling them you need drugs to be happy and cope with life. That when life gets too “stressful”, smoking a little pot will fix that; if you need more energy, we suggest coke, energy drinks, or pills.

If we are not educating ourselves so that we can educate and protect our children, how can we place all the blame on these manufacturers? We must take accountability and responsibility for our actions if we want to see a real change. Emily Bauer is now blind and paralyzed from this drug – how many more examples do we need before we stop battling which drug is better and we start to live the example; life can be wonderful drug-free. Our youth, our society, our lives are worth it.

12/30/2013 Update On Emily Bauer

Emily Bauer, the teen that nearly died from synthetic marijuana, was left paralyzed, blind and on life support after smoking ‘Spice,’ and her family thought she was never going to come out of it. One year after her near death experience, Bauer is still recovering and is making great strides towards rebuilding her life. The teen has even gone back to High School in Cypress, Texas.

Written by: Watershed Ashling

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