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Synthetic Drugs Zombie Apocalypse: Trick or Treatment

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This is the time of year where leaves are changing, falling, and temperatures are getting cooler and crisper. Preparations for the synthetic drug Zombie apocalypse are probably well under way as we near Halloween. Sensationalized stories of ghouls, ghosts, and other frightening phenomena are the news of the day. While supernatural stories reflect the season, there are more terrifying everyday occurrences that are augmented on October 31.

Zombie Apocalypse: Trick or Treatment

During Halloween, kids celebrate the macabre by dressing up in ghastly attire and procuring processed and refined sugary victuals, their older counterparts increase their celebratory libations. Translation: costumed kids trick or treat, and everyone else seems to get drunk. Alright, of course this is an exaggeration, but according to some reports, drinking on Halloween increases 20% to 25% on a weekday or weekend respectively. Most people could not even articulate why or what they are celebrating on Halloween. Answers would certainly vary, but it is scary that, like other more sharply delineated holidays, Halloween will see an increase of drunk driving and drunken disorderliness, a perfect time to ask those people if there is a real issue of alcoholism or substance abuse.

Zombie Drugs

Back to the impending synthetic drug zombie apocalypse, intoxicating substances other than simply alcohol are usually associated with zombie-type problems. Synthesized narcotics (zombie drugs), like the increasingly destructive bath salt genre, the human tissue eating drug Krocodil, and the new hallucinogenic smiles powder pose new types of problems. Dealing with drunken people is a mostly predictable experience, as people have had thousands of years worth of consistent data via consistent and repeated symptoms. Conversely, with all the new syntheses of chemicals that are being taken for recreational drug use, the consequences are unpredictable and while we know the physical effects are devastating, the mental and psychological ones could be worse and irrevocable.

Synthetic Drugs

The synthetic drug zombie apocalypse or attack notwithstanding, it is important to have a safe Halloween. Not only is abusing alcohol a serious problem, but using unpredictable and fabricated narcotics like bath salts can turn a night of trick or treating into a nightmare. It is guaranteed to be a nightmare any day as well as Halloween too! Call us here at the Watershed, 1-800-853-1614, for more information on programs of addiction treatment and the recovery life without the problems that drugs and alcohol cause. We are here 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, zombie attacks or not.

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