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Sylvester Stallones Son Found Dead

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Yet another report has surfaced of a celebrity dying of a possible accidental overdose.  Sylvester Stallons son, Sage Stallone was found dead at his home on a Friday afternoon, surrounded by a few bottles of prescription drugs.  The initial autopsy could not pinpoint the exact cause of death and a toxicology report will need to be completed before the official cause of death is realized. Perhaps if Sage Stallone had attended an inpatient rehab program to address his prescription drug problem, then continued in their aftercare program, where he could focus on building a strong foundation of recovery, he would have received the help he desperately needed.

 Stallones Son Recent Work

Sage is probably best known for his acting debut as Rocky Balboa’s son Robert Balboa in the fifth installment of the Rocky franchise. Since that debut in 1990, Sage played several small parts in low budget movies.  He also directed his first film in 2006 titled Vic, which was given a decent reception at the Palm Springs Film Festival.  He has probably been most busy with the company he co-founded with film editor Bob Murawski called Grindhouse Releasing.  Grindhouse is a Los Angeles company that is dedicated to restoring and preserving low budget exploitation films.

Sylvester Stallones Reaction

Sylvestor Stallone was busy promoting  his upcoming film The Expendables II  which is an action thriller starring a few classic action stars including Stallone, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Bruce Willis, and Chuck Norris at Comic-Con in Vancouver when he learned of his son’s death.   Sly was devastated when he heard the news of his son.  He noted that there is no pain more severe than a parent losing their child and that it would be a pain he carried with him forever.  His compassion goes out to Sasha, Sage’s mother in her time of need and he also stated that he wants the speculation surrounding his son’s suspicious death to stop and let Sage rest in peace.

Dangerous Hollywood Trend

Sage Stallone’s death is nothing new in the Hollywood community.  Seems like every month there are stories of celebrities abusing drugs and checking into rehab.  Often these stars suffer the same fate as Stallone and are tragically found dead from accidental drug overdoses.  Just this year Whitney Houston was found dead under similar circumstances.  The stress from having your life placed under a microscope for the rest of the public is enough to drive many people to take prescription pills to escape it all.
Stallones death could have likely been prevented by having him enrolled in a sober living aftercare rehab program where he could have built a foundation in recovery.  Unfortunately, many individuals who are suffering from drug addictions do not admit they have a problem and need help.  Prescription painkillers are responsible for more deaths than car accidents and it is becoming a real problem in the Unites States.  Sage Stallone wasn’t the first person to die from a prescription drug overdose and he certainly will not be the last. Check out for more info on sober living care.

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