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Summer Drinking Health Risks

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The summer has officially started and that means longer, lazier days in the sun, a lots of summer drinking for some. Here in Florida, many people will be spending their days at the beach, out on boats, or at backyard barbecues enjoying the sunshine. Many people will be enjoying all these activities with a drink in hand. Summer drinking may seem like fun, but it can also be extremely dangerous. The effects of alcohol, combined with the heat of summer, can leave you dehydrated, exhausted and more susceptible to making poor decisions. The combination of alcohol consumption and triple digit heat waves can quickly ruin any plans of summer drinking fun and land an individual in the hospital – or worse.

Summer Drinking Dangers

Alcohol is a diuretic that causes the body to become dehydrated through increased urination. Our bodies are already under stress to stay hydrated during the summer because the heat causes increased perspiration. When these two elements are combined, dehydration can set in quickly and cause dizziness, nausea, heart rhythm irregularities, and even heat stroke. A cold beer or piña colada might sound like refreshing drink choices in the summer, but they are actually putting added stress on your body.  If you do choose summer drinking, being that you do not suffer from alcoholism, it is important to drink lots of water in between drinking alcohol is moderation.

Tips for Having Fun and Staying Safe in The Heat

Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of cold water is paramount to staying safe from heat related illness. There are lots of other ways to avoid heat related illnesses and have fun during the summer:

1. If you are going to the beach, wear a hat or bring an umbrella to give yourself some shade.

2. Wear light colored, loose-fitting clothes to reflect the sunlight.

3. If you do become overheated, a cool compress applied to the back of the neck, forehead, or groin will help to bring your body temperature down the fastest.

Summer in Florida is a wonderful time of the year to enjoy some most beautiful places the state has to offer.  In order to get the most out of your experiences this summer, remember to think before you drink, and avoid making any risky drinking decisions in the heat. For individuals that find their summer drinking has taken a turn for the worst, there are plenty of  inpatient alcohol rehab centers that are able to help you, or your loved one, get sober.

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