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Suburban Robberies Rise With Oxycodone Addiction In Maryland

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The rise of prescription drug abuse, with narcotics like oxycodone, OxyContin and other synthetic opioids is increasing in prevalence, has correlated into a transition of criminal activity, all to feed a growing wave of oxycodone addiction and other similar substance abuses. A recent article out of a Maryland newspaper documents local law enforcement’s effort to increase the vigilance of the quaint neighborhood watch technique of suburbia’s self-policing efforts. Suburban home burglaries occurring during the day time have been steadily increasing due to the rise in prescription drug abuse. Law enforcement agencies have had to redefine for citizens what “suspicious” activity looks like, since subtle home invasions during the daytime may look innocuous to the untrained eye. Traditionally, robberies were aimed at material or monetary acquisitiveness often resulting in the burglarizing of large electronics, jewelry, and other items. The success would translate in the criminal obtaining a large clutch of stuff, fitting the traditional stereotype of a burglar.

Prescription Drug Abuse

With the overprescription of pain pills resulting in oxycodone addiction on an epidemic level,  is no surprise.  Local police have to redirect resources and attention to the battle grounds of suburban trafficking. Maryland police have reported a drop in crime in general over the last year, but a noticeable increase in these pain pill robberies. The perpetrators do not fit the inveterate mold; these thieves don’t sneak around in the dark, they confidently masquerade as day dwellers: these people could be “looking for a lost dog,” “new neighbors down the street,” “relatives from out of town,” the excuses are endless and just serve to fit the situation. The most efficacious of these disguises are often people dressed as cable companies or other utility services that require during the day visits. Feeding an oxycodone addiction or other prescription drug abuse requires a constant supply of the narcotic and what better place to find these where people live to whom they are prescribed.

In fact, a spokeswoman for a Maryland sheriff’s office related how the profile of the drug addict thieves and robbers has changed since the recent surge and increase of oxycodone addictions cases. She says “most of our burglaries are committed by people who are hooked on prescription drugs, and they tend to be younger, clean cut people whom you normally wouldn’t suspect or raise an eyebrow at if you saw them in your neighborhood.” Stories like this out of Maryland are sure to surface soon all across the country as the drug abuser stereotype continues to be transitioning from an urban street dweller to suburban middle class pill addict.

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