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Suboxone Addiction Rises In Ohio Prisons

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Suboxone drug smuggling continues to rise in Ohio prisons, among other prisons across the nation. Suboxone, or Buprenorphine, is a synthetic opioid originally used to control opioid addiction or acute to chronic pain disorders. Unfortunately, more people are finding themselves just as addicted to Suboxone as they were any other opioid.

Suboxone Addiction in Ohio Prisons

If you are wondering how Suboxone is even getting into these correctional facilities and past security stops, it’s actually pretty simple. Suboxone, usually in a pill form, is also made into strips that resemble breath strips.  Ohio authorities usually see these Suboxone strips underneath stamps, inside papers, and even attached to the adhesive tape on packages. The prison that has discovered the most Suboxone strips is said to be located in Noble County, in Southeast Ohio.

Reports provided by the Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring Network indicate Suboxone is so widely abused because it is easier to obtain than heroin.  With a rise in the use of Suboxone it’s no wonder that we are seeing bad treatment centers, drug dealers, and other sources providing this deadly prescription drug; it’s good money. Heroin abusers reported it was common to replace their heroin for Suboxone when they could not obtain their drug of choice, according to the substance abuse monitoring report.

Suboxone Maintenance Program

Although the original use of Suboxone was intended to help opioid addicts, it’s proving just as deadly as any other opioid drug out there. What many opioid addicts don’t know is that they can be completely rid of these addicted substances if they have the willingness to become clean through working a program of recovery.  The belief that a person needs to be on Suboxone to control their opioid addiction and cravings for the rest of their life is not only false, but dangerous. There are so many addicts that could have the opportunity to get clean, even in jail, if they were honest with themselves about Suboxone addiction and willing to recover.

Suboxone Treatment

It is not uncommon for drug abuse to swarm the cells of prisons, but the increase of these occurences in recent years proves that the prescription pill epidemic is not going away anytime soon.  Maybe it is time for better treatment options for those who are addicted to opioids. We may not be able to completely stop Suboxone from entering Ohio prison walls, or any other prison for that matter, but there would be little reason to use the drug if we put our efforts towards helping addicts recover through abstinence.

If you or someone you love is suffering from Suboxone addiction, we can help. The Watershed has helped thousands of people recover from opioid addiction who now live their lives clean and sober without the use of Suboxone. Call us now at 1-800-861-1768. It’s never too late to get clean and sober.

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