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Stress Relief Tips to Prepare Yourself for the Hectic Holidays

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Holidays can be tough for anyone and stress relief tips can provide needed assistance, especially if you’re a recovering addict and/or alcoholic who may be struggling this season.  During times of stress, you should remain vigilant to maintain proper adherence to your program of recovery.  Otherwise, you risk slipping back into old patterns of your risky behavior.  By acting out on and displaying crude, callous behavior, you set yourself up for mental relapse in your program of recovery.  Sobriety goes beyond abstaining from alcohol and drugs.  It’s about living along spiritual lines and striving to be obedient toward the principles of the program to feel at peace with life on life’s terms.

Stress Relief Tips

Be Mindful

When you notice yourself feeling distraught or out of place, use your senses to come back to the present moment.  Don’t get wrapped up in the nonsense that may be erupting at the table as your family and friends discuss matters that may quickly escalate out of your control.  Try to avoid disputes with others by not divulging in sticky topics that could easily strike up a heated debate.  Save those conversations for another time that isn’t specified for commemorating a special occasion centered on remaining grateful for the time spent in one another’s company.

Give Back

What better way to come back than to help out?  You may notice yourself becoming overwhelmed, which may quickly lead to you getting stuck inside your head.  The best way to get outside of yourself is to give back.  You can do this even in the confinement of your own or your relative’s home by providing a generous assistance.  Grab some plates or silverware to set the table for the meal.  If this was already done, don’t fret because there are other ways you can show up that provide emotional generosity and touch others with compassion in the heart.  Just by listening to family or friends and getting the opportunity to hear about what has been going on in their lives, you are showing a sense of genuine concern and consideration for their well-being.  You will even be provided the opportunity to give feedback or suggestions on any concerns they may be dealing with, which can be extremely helpful.

If you won’t be spending the holiday with family or friends this year and are worried about that, one of the most important stress relief tips to consider, as far as giving back is concerned, would be to reach out to a local charity, homeless shelter, soup kitchen, animal shelter, or other nonprofit organization so you don’t have to spend the holidays in isolation.  When addicts and alcoholics isolate, self-pity tends to creep up in the mind and that’s never a good mental state to be in if you want to remain as stress-free as possible during the holidays.

Balance and Acceptance

The holidays come with the prospect of enough stress as it is.  There shouldn’t have to be an additional weight added to the alcoholic and/or addict as they enter into the season about whether or not they will be able to endure people, places, and things that will simply always be out of their control regardless.  Taking note and being able to practice stress relief tips like these over the holidays can help prevent mental, emotional, and physical relapses that might offset the allergy of alcohol and/or drug addiction which is a place the sufferer shouldn’t have to venture off to especially during this most wonderful time of the year.

Are you unable to find experience joy during the acclaimed happiest time of the year because you’re still stuck actively abusing substances and longing to stop picking up that next drink or drug?  Contact The Watershed for help today because there’s no greater gift than receiving help to gain the life you deserve to freely live away from obsession.

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