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Steve-O Turns 4 Years Clean & Sober

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For anyone who followed the success of the Jackass franchise, it’s sometimes hard to believe that most of the original members are actually leading productive lives. Ever since they were put in front of the public eye with the original tv series on MTV, it was very apparent that these guys were willing to do anything for fame.  They performed stunts and pranks that were original, disgusting and dangerous, all of which captivated the American public.  However, it was also very clear that there were some problems with alcohol and drug abuse. In March 2008 the Jackass crew had to have a drug addiction intervention with the most out of control member of their team, Steve-O.

The Rise and Fall of Steve-O

One of the craziest members of the Jackass team was definitely Steve-O who was best known for doing a lot of the more dangerous and disgusting stunts on the show.  He became a member of the cast after the creator of the show, Jeff Tremaine, watched videos that Steve-O sent him performing a bunch of different dangerous stunts with reckless disregard for his own body.  As the show took off and eventually spun into 3 feature films, Steve-O’s addiction to cocaine, PCP, and nitrous grew out of control.  When he started threatening suicide, the cast and crew of Jackass had an intervention with him and forced him to look at his drug addiction, leading him towards rehab for treatment.

His Comeback

Steve-O had been using drugs recreationally since he was a teenager, so giving up on something he had been so accustomed to for that long was difficult and very few people would have bet he would still be clean and sober 4 years later.  After his stay in treatment, he decided to check himself back into rehab on his own for an additional 2 weeks.  After about 6 months of being sober he started doing more appearances on TV including being featured on Dancing With The Stars and has been able to stay both in the public eye and sober.

Other Jackass Members Not as Lucky

Despite Steve-O’s drug recovery and continued sobriety, one member of the cast was unable to be saved from his own demise.  On June 20, 2011 Ryan Dunn got drunk and drove his Porsche over 120 mph off the road and into a tree killing him and a friend of his instantly. Although no one can declare if Dunn was an alcoholic, he had abused alcohol on more than one occasion. After toxicology reports were released, it was determined that his BAC was over twice the legal limit. The tragedy surrounding Dunn’s death stunned loved ones and fans across the world.

First Step In Recovery

The first big step towards recovery for Steve-O was the addiction intervention where the cast basically told him that if he didn’t stop his drug addiction he would end up killing himself.  He has since become active in the recovery community and also enjoys volunteering and helping animals.  Steve-O’s giant turnaround is really admirable. He is living proof that no matter what, addicts can recover and lead productive lives.  Congratulations to him on his 4 years clean and sober. 

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