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South Florida: September is National Recovery Month

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It’s September and that means National Recovery Month is upon us! This fall, South Florida will celebrate National Recovery Month by shedding light on the disease of addiction, prevention, treatment, and recovery. This year

Recovery Month

Recovery is amazing and we are so grateful to have entire month dedicated to helping raise awareness about the disease of addiction, as well as the ability to live a life in long-term recovery. Each year SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration) sponsors National Recovery Month to help break the stigma of substance use disorder and mental health issues. This year’s theme is Join the Voices for Recovery: Strengthen Families and Communities. The new 2017 theme highlights the value and importance of support through community and family members. It is through the personal stories of those that have been affected by addiction and those who have found recovery that we can find hope and healing.

Celebrate National Recovery Month

There are a lot of ways you celebrate recovery month. You can share your recovery story with others, or even find an event to attend. You can also just lead by example and simply show what recovery is all about. This is our month to celebrate all that recovery is and let others know that treatment and the 12 steps works.

Road To Recovery Television and Radio Series

South Florida Recovery Community

National Recovery Month shows not only the life of recovery from addiction, but also the prevalence of addiction recovery in the South Florida area. South Florida is also home to many treatment facilities that operate to help those beginning their journey to sobriety from drug/alcohol dependency and abuse. It is encouraging to see so many people who have struggled with this debilitating affliction to come together and not only celebrate recovery, but also to pass along the message of hope to others. It can be also comforting to loved ones to be exposed to public events that reflect the need to support and raise awareness of alcoholism and drug addiction.  The Watershed will be celebrating all month long on our Facebook page, Watershed Recovery, we hope you join us!

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