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Social Media’s Role For Recovering Addicts

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For recovering addicts, completing the process of formal addiction treatment and transitioning back to independent living is an empowering time. A hopeful countenance, and a resolve to cultivate relationships that support their sobriety are characteristics common among those who are new to this phase of the recovery process. However, finding people who can relate to their story, and can also understand goals for their future can be more difficult for some than others. Addiction treatment professionals have identified this as a real issue, and have found social media to be helpful for recovering addicts to connect and maintain relationships with like-minded individuals. Building a sober support system after treatment is an important part of building a strong foundation for life long recovery.

How Cyber Connections Help Recovering Addicts

The advantage of social networking while in recovery is it allows individuals to reach out for sober support at any time; even when a sponsor, counselor, or meeting isn’t an option at the moment of need. Today, the social networking applications available on smartphones permit this type of cyber connection from anywhere. Online forums can help people in recovery who are isolated due to geography, as well as social phobias. Engaging on social platforms where people can freely share testimonies and help one another, allows those who struggle with social interaction to ease into relationships without feeling overwhelmed.

Avoid Abusing Social Networks

While social networking can be a useful aid, it should not take the place of face-to-face conversation which is integral to the effectiveness of counseling sessions, and support groups. Typically, an addiction results in withdrawal from relationships, and similarly, relying on cyber relationships allows there to be barrier people can use to remain hidden. It should be a regular practice of someone in recovery to learn how to commit to authentic, and honest relationships. Additionally, there is no guarantee of the validity of information received from an online source who may, or may not be qualified to offer advice on topics surrounding addiction and recovery. Dependable advice should always be sought from experienced professionals in person, over less reliable online sources.

The Watershed’s Alumni Social Network: Lives In Recovery

Staff at The Watershed Addiction Treatment Center understand both positive and negative aspects of social networks devoted to people in recovery. Which is why we have created Lives In Recovery ; an exciting recovery community for the continuing support of The Watershed Alumni. Those who have completed our treatment can stay connected with friends through our exclusive private social network, and receive constant encouragement and support from staff as well as access to free recovery resources.

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