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Sobriety Fitness: Drunk to Sober, Cathy Shuba

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Meet Cathy Shuba! With 19 years’ experience in recovery, and the success of her popular website, “Sobriety Fitness,” Cathy has written her very first book: “Drunk to Sober, running in a new direction!”

Cathy Shuba

Sobriety Fitness began only a few years after Cathy entered recovery herself. She uses writing as a means to help other addicts and alcoholics take their sobriety to another level. On her website, addicts and alcoholics from around the world share with Cathy, and with each other; their stories are those of experience, strength, and hope. It was this positive community response that drove Cathy to chronicle her recovery process and how she got to where she is today in, Drunk to Sober. If you haven’t had the opportunity to get to know Cathy, now you can in over 100 pages of detail and inspiration.

I Was Always Running

Cathy discusses her trials when running without direction, running in circles, running over hurdles, and just plain running! Her brutal honesty about her personal struggles with alcoholism, unhealthy exercising habits to cope with her feelings, hangovers, and life in general, is truly refreshing.  She discusses her ever changing willingness to try new things in sobriety and expand her recovery through engaging in new ways to open her mind and spirit.

New Direction through Willingness

In reading Drunk to Sober, you will notice the word “willingness” in written a lot throughout her story. Cathy goes into detail about her struggles inside and outside of sobriety and how she overcame obstacles that nearly took her out. It’s inspiring, engaging, and moving to say the least. You literally feel like you are walking and talking with Cathy as she shares her new found understandings; you may even find yourself nodding as you identify with feelings you thought nobody had but you. Cathy shows the reader that not only is sobriety a reality at any age, but that you can continue to grow, even after 19 years, in your recovery.

For anyone who would like to be inspired and motived to take their recovery to another level, Drunk to Sober may add to a new way of thinking. Her blog is also an awesome way to connect with others who are not only living a healthier lifestyle through exercise, but also through expanding their minds and spirits with positive stories, information, and community spirit. Recovery is a reality, and we don’t have to just stop there. Cathy proves that we can do anything we put our hearts and minds to if only we are willing to try something new.  

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