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Sober Saint Patrick’s Day: Party Sober

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The second annual Sober Saint Patrick’s Day party is being held in New York City on March 16th. The philosophy behind the event is to reclaim the true spirit of St. Patrick’s Day through celebration of the Irish culture, music, dance, and comedy. For many, Saint Patrick’s Day has been long about getting sloppy drunk on green beer and hard liquor. Not only does everyone become Irish on St. Patrick’s Day for some reason, but they also play up to the stereotype: the typical “Irish Drunk”. The truth is; it’s not just the Irish that suffer from alcohol problems. It can affect any nationality.

Party Sober On Saint Patrick’s Day

Holidays can be a nerve wracking time for many addicts and alcoholics in early recovery. For many, Saint Patrick’s Day is almost as difficult to celebrate as New Years.  In American culture, Saint Patrick’s Day tends to be holiday where you can be an alcoholic in public and it’s OK. Even normal drinkers tend to take this holiday to the next level; why wouldn’t it be uncomfortable for an addict or alcoholic early in recovery to celebrate such a holiday? It’s a scary thought to party sober. With more people becoming aware of addiction and the affects it has on the addicts/alcoholics, the family, and the community, the more people are taking actions towards changing the way we celebrate.

Most people know someone who suffers from addiction, if not themselves. The stigma of “hush, we don’t talk about that” as it relates to alcoholism and drug addiction is slowly dissipating. With programs promoting sobriety during the holidays, like Sober Saint Patrick’s Day, addicts and alcoholics can feel safe celebrating and embracing the holidays where alcohol was once the main attraction.

The Emotional Hangover

It’s true that addicts and alcoholics who are working a program of recovery and have accumulated some time and experience can go anywhere a free man (or woman) who has no drinking or drugging problem can go; but, when we are in early stages and just learning how to live life free from addiction, the risk is greater than the reward. Many addicts and alcoholics explain how they actually encounter an emotional hangover when they are around a lot of drinking while they party sober. It’s always a good rule of thumb when in recovery from addiction to pass ideas and thoughts along to a Higher Power, support, and a sponsor before jumping ship and attending any major drinking party or event.

If you know of any cool party sober events for this Saint Patrick’s Day, we would love to hear from you!

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