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Sober Living: What Is A Halfway House?

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A halfway house is a sober living home specifically designed for those in early recovery. It’s a way for addicts and alcoholics to safely transition back to life after treatment, while still working on their recovery in a safe and structured living environment. It’s usually best to find a treatment center that has an extended care program where a halfway house is an option for patients. Any drug rehab that offers only detox or only inpatient treatment is missing a very crucial part of treatment. Addicts and alcoholics did not become addicted overnight; it would be unrealistic to think they will recover overnight. This is why at The Watershed, we are passionate about helping our patients not only recover from addiction, but rebuild their lives so that they can become productive members of society without the use of drugs or alcohol. The Watershed Residence (TWR) is one of the more in-depth halfway house communities in South Florida. Living at a halfway house gives the addict and alcoholic the best opportunity to utilize the tools they learned in treatment in an environment that’s promotes healthy living through recovery.

What Can I Expect At A Halfway House?

Living at a halfway house you will experience more freedom as you begin to transition back to life. With the assistance of the halfway house, you will learn how to develop essential life skills, deal with any Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS), build a strong foundation in recovery by getting use to going to meetings, work with a sponsor, and apply recovery principles into your life. Many addicts and alcoholics go back to the way they were living after treatment if they do not have a strong, solid plan. Attending a halfway house helps the addict and alcoholic apply the tools of recovery in real life settings. The Watershed doesn’t just want to see our patients recover – we want to see them suceed long-term.

What Does A Halfway House Offer?

A good halfway house will offer a multitude of services. Here are just a few things you can expect from The Watershed halfway house:

Our halfway house is fully equipped with all of the amenities to make our patients feel right at home. Our amenities include private pool, sand volleyball, on-site laundry, private balconies, and flat screen televisions in every apartment.

Career Development Program: While living at our halfway house we help our patients obtain employment after treatment. We help our patients with resume building, job searching, job interviewing, and work ethics. We even help them with work attire so that they may look and feel their very best when interviewing. Learn more about our extensive program clicking here: Career Development Program.

Alumni support, activities, and community events: Being at a halfway house should be fun, too. At The Watershed, we believe in learning to have fun again without the use of alcohol and drugs. This is why we have an entire Alumni department dedicated to ensuring our patients have this opportunity. The Alumni department is always putting on events, shows, activities, and other community building experiences for anyone at any age to enjoy.

Clubs and Classes: Many addicts and alcoholics discover that once they get clean and sober they lack certain life skills that they couldn’t have learned while getting drunk or high. It’s important for us to be able to provide classes to help our patients learn these skills. Some classes offered at the halfway house are Budgeting/Finances, Healthy Eating/Cooking, Managing everyday stressors, Time Management, Positive Attitudes, and Effective Communication courses, to name a few. We even have an art class to help our patients therapeutically express themselves and learn how to tap into their creative and talented side.

Other halfway house accommodations include:

Community Features

Located close to 12 Step meetings & clubhouses

Fitness Center

Picnic area with outdoor grills

Swimming Pool with comfortable lounges

Computer Lab with Free High Speed internet Access

Volleyball Court

On-site Laundry

Private Community

Apartment Features

2 BR/2 BA

Completely Furnished

Flat Screen TV

Air Conditioning


Plenty of closet space

Locked safe for each resident

Private screened-in patio

The Watershed’s Goal

Ultimately our goal is the same as yours; to help you achieve and maintain lifelong recovery. Living at The Watershed halfway house is one of the best gifts you could give yourself. Leaving an in-patient treatment without any support after can be frightening sometimes, but with the help of our caring halfway house staff you do not have to do this on your own. To learn more about our treatment program and halfway house, please call us today: 1-800-861-1768.

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