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Snoop Lion Smokes Pot With Son

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The iconic hip hop celebrity Snoop Lion, formally known as Snoop Dogg, continues to grace the media headlines with his extra-curricular and countercultural activities, but a story on the world famous rapper and his parenting philosophy?  In a recent interview, questions were raised after Twitter pictures revealed Snoop Lion smoking pot with his son Corde. When asked about the pictures, Snoop allegedly answered “What better way to learn than from the master?” and added “my kids can do whatever…the want.” This laissez-faire approach to parenting seems counter-intuitive to many people who see the negative consequences of allowing their kids to do “whatever they want.” Reports that focus on the Snoop Lion net worth aspect of his life may help explain why his children are in a slightly (sarcasm) different situation.

Snoop Lion Smokes Pot With Corde

Corde is 18 and legally an adult man and is certainly allowed and expected to make his own decisions. Also, the issue of Snoop Lion reincarnated, or conversion to Rastafarianism, is a factor with religious use of marijuana. It is however, a provocative stance for Snoop to take to basically implicate his own lack of responsibility if the above statements were factual and taken within context. These points of validation notwithstanding, Snopp Doog, Snoop Lion, and all of his alter-egos have remained consistent for over 20 years in the media mainstream as a proponent of pot smoking and an advocate for marijuana legalization. This news should not only raise parents’ eyebrows but also their awareness of what their kids are exposed to, too.

Responding Responsibly, Preventing Addiction

Smoking dope with zero consequences is a, pardon the pun, a pipe dream. Whatever demographic you’re in, a son of someone, no one, or even a celebrity, substance abuse is always a possible outcome. Addiction is the inevitable repercussion from excessive drug use, whether it was inaugurated via “harmless” recreational use or not. Parents need to be the restraining influence in their children’s lives, children who have not cultivated an experiential ability of self control that comes through age, knowledge, and failure. Failure is bound to occur, but to take a “hands off approach,” as advocated by some, leaves them adrift on an ocean with the life preserver in front of them without knowing what it is, how to grab it, or that if they don’t, they will drown.

Another corollary to this story is that underage drinking statistics and teenage pot smokers has been in decline, while their using of legal pharmaceutical pain medications like Oxycodone, Xanax, and hydrocodone have been on this rise exponentially. This has induced local law enforcement agencies to hold prescription drug drop off days and set up drop locations for old or unused prescription medicines. The bottom line here is that while their parents may be working for the weekends, kids always have the potential to do in excess what their parents do in moderation.

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