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Silk Road: Buy Illegal Drugs Online

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Silk RoadTired of running out of drugs, getting your life threatened, or going to jail? Here’s a simple solution – buy your illegal drugs online at Silk Road! Silk Road is just one of many basic, run of the mill, black market online drug dealers. This website has been gaining major popularity with active addicts and drug users across the world. It’s even been referred to as the Amazon or eBay of mind-altering chemicals. As if the our youth getting in trouble with drugs on the street wasn’t anxiety provoking enough, now the fear of what they can get online crowds those thoughts. This could possibly take drug addiction to an entirely new level.

How Can Silk Road Exist?

Silk Road is an online black market operated website that uses TOR hidden services which grants users anonymity online. The website was launched in February of 2011; to-date, Silk Road has estimated over 1.2 million dollars in sales according to Wikipedia.

You may be able to purchase drugs like heroin, coke, opiates, marijuana, LSD, and countless other mind-altering substances, but you won’t be able to access the URL unless you go through the anonymous network TOR, which does require one to have pretty in-depth understanding of software technology.

Anonymous Drug Purchases

Although many addicts and drug users are excited at the thought of being able to purchase their drug of choice in the comfort of their own home, the risk is actually pretty great. As technology grows to create and operate sites like this, the DEA usually isn’t far behind. Silk Road may claim to keep your information anonymous, but anyone who works in the internet world will tell you that once your information is submitted into cyber space, it’s only a matter of time before it’s cracked and you find yourself in jail.

It is no secret that thousands across the world are suffering from drug addictions to pills, powders, and liquids. It’s affecting families, communities, and tax payers at great lengths. The only true solution for an addict to be able to get their fix is not by purchasing drugs on the streets or even online, but by getting help for their addiction. We can surely fight to get these sites removed, but we also need to fight to get people into drug rehab. If the drug user or addict is no longer using, there would be less of a need for sites such as Silk Road. Remove the buyer, and you remove the dealer.

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