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Shia LaBeouf Is Not In Rehab, But Is Seeking Addiction Treatment

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Though he was once a child star with a promising future, Shia LaBeouf’s name hasn’t been synonymous with acting as of late. Instead, his personal antics have made headlines and landed him in hot water. LaBeouf’s poor behavior made news again in late June following an incident in which he reportedly disrupted a Broadway show. LaBeouf was later charged with criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and harassment. According to a statement released by his rep in early July, it seems the actor is finally seeking help.

A pattern of trouble

TheTransformers,” star was just 21 when he faced his first arrest during the early morning hours of November 4, 2007 in Chicago. After refusing to leave a Walgreens, despite being asked several times, the store security guard finally called police to report LaBeouf. He was arrested for misdemeanor criminal trespassing, though criminal charges were later dropped.

In 2008, the actor was in a car accident. While he was not at fault for the crash (the other driver ran a red light), responding police officers arrested LaBeouf on misdemeanor drunk driving after smelling alcohol on his breath.

The next few years LaBeouf’s name made the papers for a handful of run-ins with the law, many involving public fights and most involving alcohol. The year 2013 was a particularly rough one for the young actor’s reputation. That February, he abruptly quit a Broadway play called Orphans due to “creative differences.” The play co-starred Alec Baldwin and Tom Sturridge and would have been Shia’s Broadway debut. In October, Shia got in a fistfight on the streets of London with partiers. Just a few months later, he followed up that news story with another London incident, this time it was a shouting match in which he reportedly threatened to have a man killed.

Poor behavior turns bizarre

By mid-December 2013, Shia LaBeouf’s public image was deteriorating, and it was about to plummet even further. After releasing a short film titled “,” at the Cannes Film Festival, he was accused of plagiarizing the work of comic book writer Daniel Clowes, reportedly lifting entire passages without permission or credit.

Following the accusations, LaBeouf issued a series of regrets on Twitter, a skywriting stunt, and repeated tweets for weeks that simply said, “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE.” He continued the mantra on the red carpet at the International Film Festival Berlinale, when he arrived wearing a paper bag over his head with his now-infamous phrase.

Has Shia hit bottom?

His most recent altercation in New York in June at a Broadway show was perhaps the worst yet for the actor, who reportedly had to be restrained by six officers, after he harassed the stage actors and puffed cigarettes indoors in a drunken fury.

Onlookers described the event as “whacky,” and The New York Daily News compared his meltdown to that of Amanda Bynes’ from 2013.

Getting sober

In a statement about the Broadway incident, Shia’s rep confirmed that he is not in rehab, but that “he is voluntarily receiving treatment for alcohol addiction.”  His rep continued to acknowledge that his sobriety has been a long time coming. “He understands that these recent actions are a symptom of a larger health problem and he has taken the first of many necessary steps towards recovery.”

Hopefully some concentration on himself and his sobriety will help Shia LaBeouf find peace.

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