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Shaun White Arrested For Vandalism, Public Drunkenness

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This past weekend, the big news from Nashville, Tennessee, was: Olympian and extreme sports athlete (snowboard and skateboard), Shaun White arrested, for a drunken night of vandalism and disturbance at a hotel.

Shaun White Arrested

The fracas occurred at Nashville’s Loews Vanderbilt Hotel early Sunday (Sept. 16th) at around 2:00 AM. At that time, hotel guests were treated to an early and unwanted wake-up call by White’s pulling of a fire alarm. Not knowing this was a false alarm and prank; hotel personnel took the necessary safety precautions and evacuated all the guests. Apparently, the 26-year old White was reported by a hotel employee destroying a phone on his way out of the building. Another observer reported that White tried to flee from the scene via a cab, only to confront and “kick out at” another hotel guest. White was then seen fleeing on foot, only to injure himself trying to climb over a fence. White’s mug shot reveals a black eye reflecting the raucous events of the previous night.

Alcoholism Vs. Alcohol Abuse

Giving White the benefit of the doubt, it is unclear if he is just another celebrity addict gracing the headlines or if this is an isolated incident. White was also arrested in 2007, because of an incident in a Breckenridge, Co. hotel after discharging a hotel fire extinguisher. There is a long list of celebrities that party and also athletes that party. Most seem to maintain some level of self-control and not let their vices disrupt their career by needing rehab or treatment. Celebrity rehab is a popular destination, and even athletes like White could end up there in order to get a handle on some self control. What may be even more surprising is that probably most people were not shocked that another high-profile celebrity/athlete was arrested due to a drunken escapade. The celebrity gossip that is transmitted through the different media outlets often detail those in recovery or those that need to be in recovery. These are people that continue to live around addiction in recovery.

The Shaun White arrest story has probably reached its apogee and will fade into the horizon of other celebrity arrests and mug shots that have accumulated over the past year, and will be nothing more than an after thought. We will probably remember this in another five years after he is arrested for hotel disturbance again, if he holds true to forumla.

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