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Scientology Drug Rehab: Narconon Faces Criminal Charges

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Founded in the 1960’s, Narconon is a chain of addiction treatment facilities associated with the Church of Scientology, comprised of approximately 100 rehab centers in 44 countries around the world. Since they came into existence, their unconventional methods of treatment and highly publicized scandals have made the Narconon name synonymous with controversy. The clinic in Norcorss, Georgia is currently on the verge of collapse as a rigorous investigation has uncovered alleged criminal activity on many fronts. The following is an overview of what has brought this Narconon flagship into the public eye and facing serious allegations.

String of Deaths Launch Investigation

Narconon of Georgia was put in the hot-seat after the third wrongful death lawsuit was filed against them in under a year. The death of 20-year-old Stacy Dawn Murphy launched the multi-agency investigation. She was found dead in her room at the treatment facility on July 19th of 2012. Aside from the unusually short time between deaths, suspicion arose when all three autopsies were reported inconclusive. After uncovering a total of seven deaths linked to Narconon of Georgia since 2005, officials have been determined to find out who is to blame, leaving no stone unturned in their investigations.

Foul Play Affirmed at Sober Living Community

In December of last year, the state Department of Community Health in Georgia notified Narconon the clinic’s license would be revoked for misrepresenting itself as a residential drug treatment facility. The action was in response to evidence uncovered while looking into a drug-related death that occurred in the Narconon of Georgia sober living community. The death became a major point of interest when officials discovered the cause of death was a heroin overdose, and the deceased was a Narconon employee. As the case progressed, suspicion of foul play was affirmed when the housing units were found to be rife with drug and alcohol abuse. After which, it wasn’t a surprise to find the sober living community to be operating without state approval.

Narconon On Trial

One of the primary defendants to take the stand in this month is former Executive Director of the facility, Mary Reiser. Her credibility in the courtroom had already been damaged after she was caught lying under oath in upwards of ten dispositions; the consequence for which was the sanctioning of Narconon of Georgia. Reiser’s alleged role in criminal activity surrounding the clinic has even reached the leaders of the Church of Scientology, who are not willing to risk the Narconon empire to one individual’s failure to litigate effectively.

The fall of Narconon Georgia is just one of a string of flagships that have been forced to close. If the Georgia State Department of Community Health successfully revokes the rehab center’s licence, it would mark the fourth Narconon closure in the past few years. Narconon Canada Continental, Narconon United Kingdom, and Narconon Trois-Rivieres in Quebec have already been disbanded due to legal insubordination. Perhaps the pending trial in February will result in some answers regarding the future of Scientology drug rehab, and how influential their role in the addiction community will remain.

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