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SAMHSA: National Prevention Week Kicks Into Gear

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This week the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is celebrating National Prevention Week. This annual recognition pays tribute to the countless amounts of men and women who work around the year to help those who are in recovery. These individuals spend the majority of their working lives fighting addiction and counseling individuals who struggle with a drug or alcohol problem. They help to promote mental and spiritual health in people who are in recovery, and spend a lot of their free time promoting awareness for their cause. It is extremely important work these people do every day, and there are many ways you can show your support for them during this year’s National Prevention Week.


One of the main goals of National Prevention Week is to help spread awareness around the country, mostly in schools, about the dangers associated with drugs and alcohol and how they can negatively impact the lives of people. These social workers see every day the devastating consequences of addiction and know how quickly a person’s life can spiral out of control once they embark down the road of drug or alcohol abuse. They have taken it upon themselves to spend this particular week to use all of their available resources to spread the word and educate young people on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

Underage Drinking

This year, the organizers of National Prevention Week are focusing on a few key issues that they believe are at the forefront of our nation’s problem with substance abuse. The prevention of underage drinking, which is rampant in America, is going to be a highlighted theme in this year’s National Prevention Week. Many times, young people get into drugs after consuming alcohol for the first time. A young person who is inexperienced with the effects of alcohol is much more likely to abuse alcohol and make poor decisions. Also, there have been a growing number of alcohol related deaths amongst teens in the past few years that have social workers troubled.

Summer Fun

It is no coincidence that National Prevention Week falls around the beginning of Spring. Historically, many first time drug or alcohol users tend to have their first taste of substance abuse between the months of April and July. This is a time when graduation celebrations, summer vacation plans, and perfect weather combine to form the perfect storm for teens to party. The people in charge of National Prevention Week certainly do not want to rain on any parades during this exciting time for young people, they just want to make them aware of the dangers so that they can enjoy their summers free from the grip of alcohol or drug addiction.

The National Prevention Week is an amazing program that reaches countless young people every year. They even have a pledge that young people can sign to promise that they will not take part in any illegal activity, including underage drinking and illicit drug abuse, over the summer. Obviously, not every kid that signs the pledge will stick to it. However, at least the will remember signing it and might rethink a poor decision they are about to make. That is the ultimate goal of this campaign, to promote awareness and instill in people a sense of caution when dealing with alcohol or drugs. If you or someone you know has developed an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is vital that they seek immediate help at a reputable drug and alcohol treatment centers.

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