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Robin Williams In Rehab Putting Focus On His Sobriety

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Fans may be shocked to hear about the news of Robin Williams in rehab.  Though it was reported that he did not relapse, the star of the new show “The Crazy Ones” was said to have taken cautionary measures to prevent a relapse by heading to the Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center located in Lindstrom, Minnesota.

Robin Williams In Rehab

This is not the first time headlines were titled about Robin Williams in rehab.  It was made public that he had been clean from addictions pertaining to both drugs and alcohol for over two decades up until a relapse in 2003 and rehab stay in 2006.  Because of this struggle after a significant length of clean time, Williams has decided it best to head to a facility in order to keep his sobriety a priority.  He reflected on the slip, calling it “gradual.”  This is how the disease of addiction can sneak up on addicts, even when they have some clean time under their belt.  They may not realize character defects coming out or that they have been missing meetings for their recovery, as they shut off their emotions in order to deflect their feelings that bring them straight to their drink or drug of choice.  Then once that monster of addiction has been awakened from its slumber, it gains and takes advantage of the opportunity to be unleashed in its familiar addictive pattern. Explaining his relapse that occurred in 2003 after it was eventually revealed to the public, Robin Williams said that he heard “the same voice that goes ‘Just one.’”  With his addiction alluring and pulling at him, he fell into the lies of the disease and one drink quickly turned into an intolerable alcoholic binge, shortly followed by a rehab stay.

Robin Williams Road To Recovery

Despite all the fuss about Robin Williams in rehab, the 62-year-old man has a good track history for doing the next right thing when it comes to getting and staying clean.  Williams had a serious cocaine addiction, describing it as “a place to hide.”  His recovery efforts help to reinforce the concept to our society that addiction does not discriminate.  It does not matter how much money you may or may not have, how many movies you may have been a part of, or even how famous and well-known you could be – addiction can still happen.

Williams has been vocal in the past about how using drugs and alcohol is not the long-term solution for him.  Today, with a wife and grown-adult children, Williams took initiative to seek help for the mindset that he felt could bring his recovery down, which was something he was going to do everything in his power to prevent from happening again.  The idea of Robin Williams in rehab may have been startling to some fans, who thought he appeared to be doing well.  The fear of disappointing others can prevent an addict from seeking help when they need it, so it is truly inspiring to see Robin Williams step up before reverting back to using drugs and alcohol.  It takes a great deal of courage to be honest about struggles and needing to seek help, but that first step is necessary to get back on the right track of recovery.  In a previous interview from earlier years, he confirmed this when he was quoted as saying, “It’s hard admitting it, then once you’ve done that, it’s real easy.”

Robin Williams In Rehab To Stay Sober

The decision that brought Williams back to rehab could prove to be a smart move.  Pride is said to come before the fall, so being one step ahead of his addiction has no doubt given Robin Williams some humility.  All aside, project after project could overwhelm any human being, and going to a rehab is beneficial because considering the amount of work Williams has been putting into his career, he could definitely use some time for himself to better work on his recovery.

Robin Williams is not alone in his recovery journey nor is he in the world of celebrity addicts.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction or at risk of relapsing, call The Watershed for help today 1-800-861-1768.

Robin Williams Rehab Update 08/12/2014 

Robin Williams found dead from an apparent suicide on August 11,2014. Full story here: Robin Williams Death

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