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Is Rob Kardashian In Rehab?

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The Kardashian family has been making their rounds in the media a little bit more than usual lately. Between Bruce Jenner’s new identity and Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy announcement, both of which are very great news, it seems like Rob Kardashian is getting the short end of the stick.

Did Rob check into a rehab?

In the beginning of the month, rumors were flying around that the only male Kardashian kid was checking himself into rehab in Palm Beach, Florida. Though reasons surrounding why he allegedly went to the center are unknown, there has been speculation of drug abuse and depression. In the days following the rehab claim, Kris Jenner publically denied it saying that the rumor is “completely fabricated.”

A bout of depression

In a Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode from April of this year, Kris asks Kim and Kourtney to meet with a life coach with her in an attempt to save Rob. It’s widely known that Rob Kardashian has gained weight as a result of what seems to be depression for over a year now. Mom Kris Jenner admits that he’s gained over a 100 pounds and has been absent at large family events like Christmas and larger milestones like his sister Kim’s wedding to Kanye West. In this clip, you can see Kourtney begging Rob to “accept the [expletive] help.”

Dancing with the Stars again?

This month, Rob’s seen some positive press. Recent reports suggest he’ll be making a second appearance on the popular reality dancing competition show, Dancing With the Stars. In what would be an epic comeback, Cheryl Burke, who has since left the show, vowed to come back if her former dance partner Rob signed up for the season, stating “if Rob Kardashian would come back for Dancing with the Stars all­stars, I would put my dancing shoes on again.”

Don’t be afraid of getting help

Being in the public eye can harbor one’s desire to seek treatment. The scrutiny and rumors might be too much for anyone to handle. The fact is, it’s not their life … it’s yours. What matters most is your health and your happiness, not what other people say or think. f you or someone you know needs help, call The Watershed. We’re here 24/7: 1­-800-­861-­1768.

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