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Road To Recovery: Acceptance Is The Key

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If we accept things to be exactly the way they are, we can actually start taking the road to recovery. It is only when we deny or distort our reality that we remain stuck in the vicious cycle that is the disease of addiction. One cannot very well fix something if they are first unaware that it is actually broken. What are some of the barriers that could be blocking you or your loved one from the road to recovery?

Denial Blocks The Road To Recovery

Denial is often used as coping mechanism in protecting oneself from the harsh realities of a devastating event or occurrence, but for those in active addiction, it is actually killing them. There are many ways an addict or their family displays denial. Here are a few examples of what denial looks like when it’s in the way of the road to recovery.

Self-deception – lying to yourself about what is really happening. This is the essence of denial. The addict or alcoholic may not even know they are lying about their addiction.

Repression – distorting reality by filtering memories. The addict or alcoholic may have repressed memories due to prolonged drug use or blackouts from drinking. They will not see reality the same as someone who is not in active addiction or not emotionally tied to the person addicted.

Minimizing – you may hear things like “it’s not that bad” when the addict/alcoholic is approached about their addiction. You may be aware that something is not right, but will minimize the seriousness of the situation.

Rationalizing –”all my friends do it too” is a common phrase that addicts think. Many addicts will rationalize their behaviors because they see others do it, or think that they are not as bad as their friends.

Displacement – “it’s because of _________ I do drugs.” Displacing anger onto people, places, or things is another way that an addict will justify their use. In other cases, they may place blame on physical pain, making it difficult to intervene on an active user. This is why a professional is most helpful when trying to hold an intervention.

Acceptance Is Key

The moment you stop feeding the disease of addiction with denial is the moment that the road to recovery can take place. Accepting one’s reality is not stating that you are accepting defeat; it simply means you understand that something needs to be done. As long as you live in denial, the longer you will suffer from your addiction. Acceptance of one’s situation can enable you or your loved one to actually recover long-term from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Denial is one of the greatest barriers for those who suffer from drug abuse and alcoholism. Denial allows an addict or alcoholic to continue on their path without getting help and it’s killing those who are suffering.  If you are unsure if you have a drug addiction or alcoholism problem, we can help. Find out if you or your loved one is suffering from addiction now by taking this quick and confidential quiz: Am I addicted?

If you find that you are running out of excuses for you or your loved one, then it might be time to get the help you deserve so you too can get on the road to recovery. Contact The Watershed today and see what treatment options are available to you.

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