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Richie Supa: Rockers In Recovery Lifestyle | RIR

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recovery-rocksLike the conventional pairing of peas and carrots; sex, drugs, and rock n roll seem to collide more often in the same sentence, as well as in the lives of musicians that play the music. Just like celebrity addicts who are in acting, music artists are prone to those same temptations of the party scene. As many of these famous musicians that have succumbed to their substance addictions over the years (Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jerry Garcia, Kurt Cobain, Brad Nowell, Amy Winehouse), there are as many who escaped the ultimate consequence of death and now enjoy a life in active recovery.

Rock In Recovery

One great example is the famous rock guitarist, Richie Supa. Supa will be one of the headlining performers at the Rockers In Recovery festival in South Florida, being held November 2-4 of this year. Supa has gained fame for recording and touring with the likes of Aerosmith and Richie Sambora (of Bon Jovi). Supa actually co-wrote “Amazing” with Stephen Tyler that made it to #9 on the Top-40 Mainstream charts. What is most impressive is that Supa is one of a minority of rock and roll artists that pursue their craft completely abstinent of drugs or alcohol.

His role as the Rockers In Recovery (RIR) Unplugged director has encouraged many musicians, famous and unknown, in their walks in recovery. Supa has released several albums devoted to his sobriety, bucking the trend that rock music has to center on the usual themes of sex, drugs and other components of that lifestyle. Supa offers a recovery based message on life after addiction. Supa’s sobriety has aided in a prolific career: “the artists whom have cut his songs read like a who’s who of the music industry, with over 50 million albums sold.” Supa supports rehabs and visits treatment centers all over the country, preforming for patients and offering musical encouragements to their walks in recovery.

Putting Recovery First

Some jobs are difficult for people who have struggled with substance abuse in the past. The fact of the matter remains that there are plenty of famous sober people that continue to impact their industry within the parameters of self-control and abstinence. More great news is that groups like Rockers In Recovery bring their messages of hope and help to those suffering all over the country, and supporting families that have addicts or alcoholics in them. These famous celebrities have found help in their recovery and even if you are not famous, help is available and recovering from drug and alcohol dependence is possible.

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