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Reincarnated: Snoop Dogg Becomes Snoop Lion

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Snoop Dogg recently has unveiled the trailer for his hip documentary “Reincarnated”, chronicling his new reggae album, and his new persona, Snoop Lion. As you watch the trailer you can’t help but wonder if he might just be struggling with drug addiction.

Snoop is best known for rapping about his weed-smoking, gun-toting, money-making, gangster attitude throughout the 90’s, but most recently we haven’t heard or seen much of him. Is this a lavish attempt to break back into the music scene or is he struggling with something deeper, like drug addiction and trying to find his way in life?

“We’re going through stages in life, that’s what my life has always been based on, and that’s what forced me to find a new path” – Snoop Lion

The Artist Formally Known As Dogg

His recent visit to Jamaica has helped him to discover his new roots in reggae, “I always said I was Bob Marley reincarnated,” stated Snoop. You can see throughout the trailer, Snoop engaging in rituals with the locals at a Rastafarian temple, appearing to be high and smoking weed in almost every scene. Snoop met with the high priest and immediately felt a spiritual awakening, “No more. You are the light; you are the lion,'” said the priest.

With strong beliefs that this new genre of music is his path to enlightenment, Snoop Lion feels that his fans will appreciate it because it’s authentic. The first single, “La La La” serves as the perfect introduction of what we are sure to expect moving forward.

There are those that abuse drugs and those that are addicted. Ones that abuse it usually will stop if a consequence is big enough. The ones who are addicted can not stop until there is willingness to accept and put action towards their recovery.

We see time and time again celebrities struggle with drug addiction and not get help. Some of them may not suffer from a great enough consequence, like a DUI or financial difficulties, but what they may suffer from could be much greater, the loss of themselves in the substance and their doubt about their purpose in life, the ones that are always trying to “find themselves”.

What are your thoughts, music industry genius or just another celebrity suffering from drug addiction?

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