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Reefer Madness: Marijuana laws, withdrawals, and more

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The reefer madness headlines keep on rolling. We commented here earlier in the week on NORML, a nonprofit lobbying organization working to legalize marijuana, and the efforts being pushed in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. This story now pairs nicely along with Massachusetts’ Question 3 on the ballots for the state constitution (legalization of weed for medicinal purposes), as well as that there have been reported studies on the withdrawals from cessation of pot smoking, and lastly with the news that there is a new presidential candidate whose whole political platform may go up in smoke.

Addicted To Weed

First, a recent article reported that kicking a pot habit can lead to withdrawal. While this may not seem like a big deal, for those in the camp that say marijuana is not physically addicting, the study is a blow to their logic. “It’s very similar to what people experience with tobacco,” said study co-author Alan J. Budney, a professor of psychiatry at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College in Lebanon NH. “It makes you irritable. It makes you restless. It makes it hard to sleep.” Marijuana exhibits some of the same signs of potential abuse as do other drugs. This begs the question that asks, does marijuana abuse warrant the same aggressive addiction treatment programs that the other “heavy drugs” do? Another great debate is the correlation of driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol verses weed.

In a related story the words Roseanne Barr president would never occur to most of us to collide, but Lord Byron was right: the truth is strange…stranger than fiction. The 59 year old comedian and actress has announced her candidacy in the 2012 Presidential campaign. She is running on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket with a platform that is, among other things pro pot. Barr “credits weed for encouraging free thought and helping people remember what is important.” While this allegation seems erroneously uninformed, the news of Barr’s candidacy will be sure to rouse those elements vying for decriminalization and institution of marijuana laws. It has widely reported in the media that America’s disillusionment with the War on Drugs has led to more radical (in the sense of active and zealous) stances on America’s drug policies. A new documentary examining aspects of this, called The House I Live In, is set to be released in select theaters this fall.

With the conflation of pot and politics, drugs and domestic diplomacy, it is easy to forget the adverse affects of any drugs on potentially anyone. Help is available for those looking for answers to questions about addictions for themselves or for loved ones. Please call for information about the right direction to go in for substance abuse recovery: 1-800-853-1614, 24/7.

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