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Recovery Road, Teen Addiction Recovery Show, Premieres Monday

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recovery-road-teen-addiction-showThere are plenty of shows that talk about drug use and addiction like Nurse Jackie, House, Breaking Bad, Weeds, True Blood, Celebrity Rehab, and so many more. But how many really focus on what recovery actually looks like or even that it exists? It looks like a new T.V. series is about to do just that, and it’s called Recovery Road.

Recovery Road

We heard a little about Recovery Road last year, but now, it’s finally hitting the screens and we couldn’t be more excited.

Recovery Road premiers this Monday, January 25, on Freeform (ABC Family’s new name) at 9:00 PM ET/PT. The show’s concept is actually based on an adult novel written by Blake Nelson. Maddie, the show’s lead actress, is a young teen that is struggling with addiction. Like many young adults, Maddie does not think she has a problem until the school guidance counselor has an intervention with her – it’s either expulsion or rehab. Maddie made the difficult decision to attend the addiction treatment facility with other recovering addicts and alcoholics while also trying to cope with normal teen issues.

What is so different about this plot?

Drug addiction and recovery is real and it’s happening all over America, we just aren’t talking about it enough. Slowly, we are coming to terms with the reality that addiction and alcoholism does not just affect older adults, but it’s affecting our youth now too, and they are starting to use younger and younger. It’s not uncommon anymore to have a full-blown drug abuse problem before a teen hits their 20’s, according to NIDA drug trends. In addition, it’s also not as uncommon for teens to start getting help for their drug abuse or alcohol problem and come into recovery.

What’s Stopping Teen Recovery?

What does stop many teens is that they believe they can control their substance use and stop anytime they want, or that everyone parties the way they do. Some may know they have a problem but think that they are alone because there isn’t a pop-culture focus on recovery in their age group. The truth is that anyone can become addicted to drugs or alcohol at any age – especially depending on what drugs are being used, how often they are used, and if they are genetically predisposed to addiction (if they have a history of addiction in their family). The myth that drug addiction only affects adults has to be dispelled. Will Recovery Road be the one to help do that?

How accurate will this show be?

For those of us who are in recovery or work in the addiction treatment field, we are wondering how accurate this show will really be. Patrick R. Krill, Director of the Legal Professionals Program at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, was asked to help make sure the script and content was accurate as it relates to the truth about what recovery looks like, so of course we’re excited to see what this show has to offer us this season. We hope you take a chance to watch it too and tell us what you think about the new show, Recovery Road.

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