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New ABC Family Series ‘Recovery Road’ Talks About Teen Addiction

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Recovery Road is a new type of drama scheduled to hit the television screen on the hit network ABC family.  With the series focusing on a young teenage girl’s drug addiction, there’s no doubt that the concept of the television show will catch both interest and controversy toward multiple generations.  Since the disease of addiction is a rampant and progressive issue in today’s society, it is well appropriate and should spark an interesting discussion among viewers as they watch the reality of teen addiction and recovery portrayed on screen.

Teen Addiction

Maddie Graham is the main character in ABC Family’s latest original series entitled Recovery Road.  Based off a novel written by Blake Nelson, the series will follow the young female teenager as she struggles to deal with combating a substance use disorder.  Being known as the girl who can’t seem to keep her hands off alcohol and drugs, Maddie is approached by her school guidance counselor and left with the ultimatum to attend a drug rehabilitation facility program or face the alternative of debarment.  The teenage girl moves forward with the decision to get help for her drug addiction and the series follows her chronicles as she enters rehab, facing the difficulties of putting down the substances to face new-found sobriety.  With such a heavy theme currently plaguing society, the network is touching such a sensitive topic that hasn’t been particularly approached as the central focus of a television series on the network as of yet.  The executive vice president of ABC Family’s programming and development team Karey Burke further explained Recovery Road, “This series will explore relevant social issues for our audience and shine a light on addiction. It’s a powerful addition to our line up and the strong, authentic characters are sure to resonate with our audience.”  She also said that the network is selective with the shows they choose to cater for viewing to their audience.  Confident in Recovery Road, Burke believes the series is a television broadcasting that will essentially deliver a dynamic component that is an ideal suit for the channel.  Burke added, “ABC Family is best known for its ground-breaking original series and ‘Recovery Road’ is right in our wheelhouse.”  The series actually follows the network’s following of “My Transparent Life.”

Effects of Drugs in Society Highlighted on Recovery Road

roadtorecoveryabcShowing the rehabilitation process of addiction in a television series is pretty groundbreaking.  While Mom on CBS was brought to broadcast focused on alcoholism and Alcoholics Anonymous in 2013, there hasn’t been much of a series centered on a serious illness like alcohol and drug addiction on a network like ABC Family – emphasis on the family portion.  Considering the nation’s war on drugs and tragic heroin epidemic, it would be pivotal to have a series focus on current events going on that individuals can relate to.  With the effects of drugs in society being highlighted in the media, it might shed light and put emphasis on the severity of the issue.  When this occurs, it might provide ample opportunities for families, schools, and communities to address concerns they may be having on the matters of alcohol and other substances.

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