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Recovery Addiction News You Don’t Want To Miss

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Important recovery addiction news that you may have missed.

Alcohol Addiction News

Doctor Exposes Intoxicated Model

Elena Chernyakova, model and former Northwestern University student, reported that she was taken advantage of after checking into Northwestern Memorial Hospital for extreme alcohol intoxication. Chernyakova claims that Dr. Vinaya Puppala took photographs of her while she was admitted into the hospital and posted them on Instagram and Facebook, accompanied by statements about Chernyakova’s condition. Elena Chernyakova has filed suit in the Cook County Circuit Court against Dr. Vinaya Puppala, the Feinberg School of Medicine, and the Northwestern Memorial Hospital for privacy and infliction of emotional distress.

Recovery Addiction News

The Anonymous People Speak Out About Recovery

The Anonymous People has been gaining popularity in the rooms and in recovery communities across the nation. What is The Anonymous People? It’s a documentary about the 23.5 million Americans that are in recovery who once suffered from alcoholism and/or drug addiction. The concept behind the film is to help break the stigma of alcoholism and drug addiction and show that not only are people suffering from addiction; they are also recovering from it too. They are standing up for the voice of recovery to let others know that addicts and alcoholics are not just drunks and junkies, they are our teachers, bus drivers, lawyers, college graduates; even your local baker and their mission is to help others recover like they have. This passionate nationwide recovery movement is geared towards transforming public opinion and helping those still sick and suffering find their way to recovery.

Strange Addiction News

Hempfest Doritos For Munchies Or For Sale?

What happens when the Seattle police officers hand out 1,000 Dorito bags at pot festival said to host as many as 85,000 people? Those who didn’t get the munchies got paid. eBay users were selling these Hempfest Doritos for $58 dollars a pop, and were selling used bags for around $50. These Doritos weren’t your average bag of chips though, they came accompanied with a sticker designed to inform pot consumers about the state’s legal pot law.

Celebrity Addiction News

Update Lisa Robin Kelly’s Death

Homicide detectives may have eliminated foul play as a possibility in the death of “That ‘70s Show” star Lisa Robin Kelly, but there is still suspicion surrounding her early demise and how the doctors may have handled her detox and reporting of incident. According to TMZ, The Los Angeles County Coroner never received a call from the alcohol rehab, still unknown at this time, where Kelly was found dead. They actually learned about her death through a media report a day later. The Coroner reports are still pending and until a full report is given, it is only speculation surround Kelly’s death at this time.

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