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Psychedelic Drugs In Demand In Silicon Valley

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silicon-valley_lsd_Psychedelic-DrugsPsychedelic drugs have gained a reputation in Silicon Valley, California.  Even successful and reputable businessman, like Steve Jobs, were reported to have abused the hallucinogenic substances. Some of these substances included the ever popular lysergic acid diethylamide, otherwise know as LSD.  What is it about this Northern Californian location that is driving such a surge in the abuse of psychedelics by unsuspecting professional workers?

Psychedelic Drugs in Silicon Valley

There is no denying how much of a demand there is for creativity in society today — and illegal psychedelic drugs like LSD might be able to provide that creative edge. Substance users remain prone to falling under the misconception that the substance can enhance their creative capability, which motivates them to continue their drug habit.  There is no substantial evidence proving the drug enhances any artistic ability. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) considers LSD to be a highly addictive Schedule 1 drug.

Steve Jobs on LSD

There have been incidents of psychedelic drugs in Silicon Valley before, including involvement with big time billionaire Apple-inventor, Steve Jobs. According to Daniel Kottke, who worked for Steve Jobs and attend college with the successful man, the two tripped on acid at Reed College, as reported by CNN Money.  Can you imagine taking psychedelic drugs with the highly educated and lucrative man who came up with one of the most influential companies that shifted the way society functions today?  Jobs apparently wasn’t the type of man that would be found smoking marijuana in college, either.  His goal wasn’t to harm his mind, but rather to find a way to enhance it. In fact, it was claimed that Jobs would resort to the substance with “specific intent of working on software problems,” thinking it would help.

As ludicrous as this sounds, Jobs is not the only one who believed psychedelic drugs could solve problems.  It’s not unheard of for engineers and developers to abuse psychedelics in an attempt to strengthen abilities at their work and technique.  This is why they tend to gravitate towards psychedelics as their drug of choice, because they believe hallucinogenics broaden their perspective.  They believe they are using it to their advantage.  Silicon Valley has seen a rise in this particularly.  “The billionaires I know, almost without exception, use hallucinogens on a regular basis,” commented Tim Ferriss, a Silicon Valley investor, who wrote “The 4-Hour Workweek.”  The man knows more than several successful businessman who abuse hallucinogens to expand their minds. He explained, “[Psychedelic drugs] look at the problems in the world and ask completely new questions.”

Dangers psychedelic drugs pose

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) considers LSD to be an extremely strong substance with mood-altering capabilities. It should not go ignored that psychedelic drugs are illegal substances for the simple fact that they do pose a dangerous health consequence to both the brain and body.  The truth is that abusing this drug can have an irreversible consequence, leaving a person in mental turmoil, which may include symptoms of rapid mood changes, delusions, visual hallucinations, sense of self changing, hearing voices, panicking, feeling scared, and having flashbacks.

Psychedelic drugs can severely alter a persons natural brain chemistry that could have long lasting damaging effects as a result. Are you addicted to drugs and need a way out? Call now 1-800-861-1768.

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