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‘Picture Perfect Couple’ Drug Overdose In Daughter’s Hospital Room

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Mary Ann and Wesley Landers, a picture-perfect couple from Trinity, Alabama, overdosed from heroin in their daughter’s room at the Cincinnati Children’s hospital on January 7th.  Mary Ann, who was found with a needle in her arm, was deceased; Wesley’s life was saved with a shot of Narcan. Their 7-month-old daughter, Lucy, was in the hospital for surgery.

Picture Perfect Couple Drug Overdose

Things are not always how they seem from outward appearances. Friends and family members were shocked to hear the news and never imagined a drug overdose could happen to a couple who appeared to have a wonderful life and strong faith. The family had been intensely focused on securing treatment for Lucy, who was born with an airway too tiny for her body. The Landers’ themselves had revealed this on Facebook, and even setup a GoFundMe campaign to help with costs.

“Look through their Facebook pictures and you can see that they’re the picture perfect family,” Lena Greenhaw Whitworth, a friend of the family, said.

The couple’s photos on Facebook do show an adorable, loving family, but it would appear their struggles with drugs went completely unnoticed.

“This is definitely an eye-opener,” Whitworth explained to WAFF 48.

Wesley, who was originally found unresponsive and then revived, was taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center and has been arrested and charged with possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia, having a concealed weapon that was loaded, and for having a weapon while under disability.

Nobody Knew They Were On Drugs

It’s easy for many people to judge the couple based on the news reports, but when tragedy and drug addiction join forces, it can be nearly impossible to recover without outside help. It would seem that even their closest friends and family members were clueless to the struggles the couple was going through. Sometimes, people suffer with various kinds of mental health issues in silence, so if you notice a friend or loved one going through a difficult time, reach out to them.  They may need more help than their Facebook posts indicate.

If you, or someone you love, appear to be struggling with addiction and/or a mental health issue, contact The Watershed today! One call could help save a life.

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