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International Overdose Awareness Day 2017

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International-Overdose-Awareness-Day_2016International Overdose Awareness Day occurs each year on August 31 as the specific day designated to increase the public’s knowledge of the dangers and risks that drug abuse can pose, as well as a day to remember those who have left us as a result of a drug overdose death.  Since overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in America, let us take a moment to remember those we have lost, help those still suffering, and educate those who could.

Overdose Awareness Day 2017

Who is this day for?  Today is the day for anyone grieving over the loss of a loved one whose death was due to a drug overdose. This day comes with an imperative message to all those abusing drugs about reaching out to get help before it’s too late.  Overdose Awareness Day provides all the information to the public on what an overdose looks like, the effects of an overdose, and ways to prevent or be cautious, as well as offer support.  Days like this are created to make positive change, ultimately promoting a better quality of life for those abusing drugs.  It is imperative to keep in mind how deadly of a disease addiction is.  Being aware and honest is huge when it comes to reducing the amount of deaths that overdoses claim.

Ways to Commemorate

You can share with us on Facebook to show your support for those we have lost to an overdose, their loved ones, and for those who are struggling in addiction now. You can also pay tribute to a loved one that was lost as a result of an overdose by clicking here: Overdose Day Awareness Tributes.

The Watershed recognizes International Overdose Awareness Day, and as a treatment facility, we support and aid in achieving a life that is drug and alcohol free.  The Watershed invites you to share personal strengths, experiences, and hopes in honor of recognition of the day. Please share on our social media pages below what Overdose Awareness Day means to you.

Have a story you want to share? Click here and share it with us: Submit Your Recovery Story Now.

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