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Overcoming Addiction To Drugs In 5 Simple Steps

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overcoming addictionDrug addiction may be an incurable disease according to The American Society for Addiction Medicine (ASAM), but that does not mean it is terminal. Life-long recovery is possible! You can put the disease of addiction into remission, provided you are willing, honest, and open-minded to the recovery process. Here are 5 steps to recovery that we have seen work with thousands upon thousands of our patients when it came to overcoming addiction.

Overcoming Addiction

Step 1: Admitting

Admitting you are an alcoholic or an addict is the first step towards true freedom. Many know before they come to treatment, while others may still be fighting the idea, hoping one day they will be able to drink or use drugs casually. In order for recovery to take root, acceptance is key.

Step 2: Honesty

If you are not honest with yourself and with others, you will not get the proper treatment and suggestions in rehab, or even in a 12-step program. If no one knows what you are struggling with, the suggestions you get will not help you as much as if you were just honest about your feelings, behaviors, and even actions. The more honest you are, the better success you have at overcoming addiction.

Step 3: Open-Minded

Once you admit you have a problem and are completely honest, the next important step you need to take is the step towards being open-minded to suggestions and ideas about your recovery. For instance, if someone recommended you attend an outpatient program after you leave inpatient rehabilitation, how will you react? We find that most patients who fully embrace the extended care offerings of their rehabilitation program, paired with utter honest in all their affairs, have gone on to live amazing lives free from addiction.

Step 4: Action

Addiction treatment is extremely beneficial, but without a plan of action post-rehab, relapse is an unfortunate and very likely reality. There must be ongoing action taken in your recovery if you are going to continue to keep the disease of addiction at bay.  Many people favor 12-step meetings, 12-step work, and therapy to help them stay sober after rehab, and we highly recommend it as well.

Step 5: Maintenance

Once real foot work is put into laying out the foundation of recovery – in treatment as well as out of treatment – then maintenance work is all that is needed to continue to stay clean and sober life-long. This means participating in 12-step meetings, applying the steps to your life, attending therapy if needed, and living your life one day at a time with all the tools you were given in treatment as well as in the rooms of AA or NA.

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Recovery is 100% possible, but you have to put in the honest work for it to come true in your life. Your recovery essentially is in your hands. Treatment here at The Watershed can help you get there, but it is up to you if you are willing to be honest, do the work, and stay open-minded. If you would like to apply these 5 simple steps to your life and start your journey in recovery today, then please give us a call at 800-861-1768, we are waiting to help you start the life you deserve today.

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