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Ohio Sheriff Says No To His Deputies Carrying Narcan

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ohio-sheriffHeroin overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in America, but one Ohio Sheriff is making headlines for refusing to let his deputies carry Narcan. The public is outraged, but Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones is standing by his decision.

Ohio Sheriff: No To Narcan

“They never carried it,” Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones explained to the Cincinnati Enquirer columnist about his officers. “Nor will they. That’s my stance.”

As of now, his department is the only department in the Southwest Ohio area that does not and will not carry Narcan. Narcan is a highly effective drug that is used to help prevent overdose death, and can be administered on-site without a medical doctor. It can literally save a life while they wait for an ambulance to transport the person to the hospital for care.

In further explaining his side of the matter, he basically felt that it put his officers at risk because the addicts who are revived are usually violent and unhappy to see police presence. His rational is pretty cut and dry.

“We don’t do the shots for bee stings, we don’t inject diabetic people with insulin,” Sheriff Jones said to the Washington Post. “I’m not the one that decides if people live or die. They decide that when they stick that needle in their arm.”

Killing Addicts To Solve The Drug Epidemic 

Although you can kind of understand where the Sheriff is coming from, it is still hard to rationalize not helping save a life. Especially since there are more people dying at a rapid rate from heroin overdoses than bee stings. It is almost like he is punishing repeat offenders/drug addicts by just letting them die. We thought that the job of a police officer was to protect and serve, but maybe we have a different idea as to what that actually means. The way he describes his reasoning makes it clear that he doesn’t understand the disease of addiction and doesn’t really care either. For him, it is easier to let these people die to help clean up his streets than to put in extra effort and resources to help them recover.

Stop The Vicious Cycle Of Addiction

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