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Octomom in Rehab for Xanax Abuse

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In our fast-paced and modern world, raising four children can be exceedingly stressful and difficult. When you are trying to raise, oh I don’t know, let’s say 14 children, the stress factor may be elevated slightly. Just slightly. Apparently this is exactly what Nadya Suleman, otherwise known as the Octomom, is now experiencing. Suleman has been recently reported as checking into rehab to deal with stress, anxiety, and to combat a prescription drug dependency. The Octomom Xanax story hit the newswire as the latest comment on Suleman’s tumultuous course of her 37 year old life.

Born To Be Wild?

Suleman was unable to have children with her ex-husband naturally, so pursued IVF treatments. After three years of treatments, Suleman gave birth to Elijah her first son, then over the next several years bore five more children. In 2008, stating her desire not to destroy the remaining embryos originally harvested in 1997, Suleman had some of the embryos implanted and then bore eight children. Speculation swirls around the ethical conundrums of the situation, as well as the medical community’s opinion on the safety of preforming and undergoing such a tenuous pregnancy. After the octuplets were born, the new mother caused various reactions from the global medical and social community. Now since the Octomom Xanax news has been reported, popular opinion will continue to vet out the decisions Suleman has made with her life.

Suleman has thankfully taken the rights step in the direction that will be most beneficial to her and also her children. She has been a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show on different occasions relating financial struggles and revealed also that she had an obsessive compulsive disorder which manifested itself in inordinate hoarding. Now that she has admitted to her battle with anxiety, the Octomom Xanax story comes as footnote.

Rooting Out Real Issues

Obsessive compulsive disorders and hoarding issues are cousins to the same type of lack of control mechanisms that afflict drug addicts and alcoholics. People who battle with these issues sometimes turn to acceptable aids, e.g. pharmaceuticals like anti-depressants and anti-anxiety aids. So, when the Octomom Xanax news story hit the web, it was not hard to put two and two together. The encouraging news here is that, again, Suleman has made the harder decision and reached out for help. It may have been easier for her to maintain her public reputation by keeping this private and trying to deal with the problem herself. By reaching out admitting she needed help, the Octomom invested herself into the perhaps the best possible chance to ensure a better life for her and all her children as well.


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