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Narcotics Overdose Prevention Education :NOPE Candle Light Vigil 2012

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Narcotics Overdose Prevention & EducationNarcotics Overdose Prevention Education Task Force (NOPE) held their 6th annual candle light vigil last night at the Kravis Center, as well as many other cities across the United States, to raise awareness and honor those lives we have lost to alcoholism and drug addiction. 

Michelle Wright, of CBS 12 News, hosted this year’s event in Palm Beach County, FL. White House National Drug Czar and Director of the Office of Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), Gil Kerlikowske, presented a special video message to the audience. Additional special guest speakers discussed prescription drug abuse, its effects on loved ones, prevention and education.

Narcotics Overdose Prevention & Education

Vigil attendees gathered outside the auditorium before the event to walk by a memorial displaying photographs of friends and loved ones who lost their lives to the disease of addiction. Medical professionals, addiction specialists, law enforcement, friends and families showed their support throughout the event by holding their candles in remembrance.

Narcotics Overdose Prevention Education Task Force held it's 6th annual candle light vigil was emotional to say the least, but despite the sad faces and stories, guest speakers left the audience with a message of hope. Efforts towards treatment for mental health issues, drug and alcohol addiction, as well as prevention, are gaining momentum in the state of Florida and more lives can be saved.

Watershed Life Savers Club members and the Watershed Recovery team were in attendance to pay their respects to those who were lost and our alumni that could not find their road to recovery. In addition to remembrance, the team also was there to help promote the Narcotics Overdose Prevention Education Task Force drug addiction awareness, education, and prevention cause. 

Drug Addiction Education & Prevention

NOPE was started in Palm Beach County, FL in 2004 and is led by Richard and Karen Perry. The couple lost their son to a prescription drug overdose while in his early 20’s.  Karen consistently and diligently works to share her compelling story about how addiction affected her son and her family. NOPE continues its mission of bringing education and awareness of the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse to middle schools, high schools, universities, and communities. 

Addiction is a disease that affects the mind, body, and spirit. At The Watershed, we believe in healing the whole person. If you or someone you love is struggling from alcoholism or drug addiction, the time to call for help is now. Call our 24/7 help line for more information: 1-800-861-1768.

The Watershed of The Palm Beaches is a premier addiction treatment provider for alcohol treatment and drug treatment. We are a state licensed, Joint Commission accredited, world-class health care facility providing extensive levels of care including medical detox, residential and inpatient rehabilitation, extended after care programs, such as partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs, and halfway housing.








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