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NFL Adderall Use May Be On The Rise

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==It is a sobering reminder that addiction can take many forms and shapes, from substance abuse to clamoring for a better performance. While PED use in sports news is always relevant, steroids and other human growth hormones usually get the lion’s share of media headlines. Cognitive steroids are beginning to trend as the newest type of PED in professional sports. Prescription uppers are usually prescribed to patients who exhibit some type of attention deficit disorder or uncontrollable hyper activity of other manic behaviors. Professional athletes looking for an edge have been gravitating toward these pharmaceutical grade amphetamines just like those professional academics and students looking for a mental edge in their studies. These so called study drugs are easily translatable to vocations elevating preeminent physicality to succeed, a la professional football. Specifically, NFL Adderall use is beginning to become a bigger and bigger issue.

Adderall Considered A PED?

Two cornerbacks playing for the Seattle Seahawks, Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner, have been banned four games for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy by testing positive for the drug Adderall. Not surprisingly, the players are calling the tests erroneous and are appealing the four game suspensions. Sherman has told reporters that an unidentified teammate has a prescription for the drug and had crushed it up in a sports drink bottle. Sherman said he unknowingly drank from the bottle and the ingestion was unintentional. Browner’s appeal centers on drug test-taker negligence, with Browner’s agent communicating that one urine sample that was positive was dumped into his client’s sample. NFL Adderall use stories like these have continued to surface as the drug’s availability increases. Reports from the Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s organization are that Eric Wright has been suspended for PED violation, along with Aqib Talib’s suspension, after which he was traded to the New England Patriots.

Thin Line Between Addiction And ADD/ADHD

The sudden increase in NFL Adderall use is not surprising, since ADD and ADHD diagnoses are common enough to include professional football players. There is a thin line, however, between getting focused and getting chemically amped up like the sensational a stimulant of amphetamine causes. That is exactly what this drug is, a synthetic amphetamine, a pep talk in a pill, a shot of artificial adrenaline that would certainly keep a cover two defense in tact against the league’s best wide-outs. It will be interesting to see how the league’s front office adjusts to increasing NFL Adderall use, and whether it will make concessions to those players who are legitimately prescribed the medication.

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