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New Years Resolution Ideas 2015: Tying Up Loose Ends Before 2014 Ends

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With 2014 coming to its finish, conjuring up some New Years Resolution ideas may sound like a tedious task but it can set the course for a successful year.  A new year means a fresh clean slate with all kinds of potential opportunities that may be presented to you.  Resolutions for the year can help provide the recovering alcoholic or addict (or anyone, for that matter) with a structured path to follow to achieve personal success.

New Years Resolution Ideas for 2015

Be Authentic

One of the most widely used New Years Resolution ideas for the upcoming year 2015 is to “be more authentic”.  When you can be more of who you are and less of who you aren’t, you rid yourself of false nature.  You allow yourself to be true to the divine and genuine you. For so long in active addiction as an alcoholic and/or addict, you may have let your substance of choice define you – but now, you have opened the door to far greater opportunities.

Learn To Listen

As far as New Years Resolution ideas are concerned, one goal to hold on to and work for in 2015 may be to focus on developing your listening skills.  Instead of being the person that is talking, why not focus on being the one that is listening to others?  This may be the year that you get to hear the words of others, and store important, valuable information which you can put to good use.  Listening can be a key component to every area in your life because you can always hear a message, depending on just how you listen.

Before 2014 Ends: Last Minute Check

The year hasn’t ended just yet!  Ask yourself: are there any commitments that you made to yourself for the year that you feel you still have time to work toward completing before the year is through?  If there are possible tasks, plans, or goals that you believe are a viable option for completion, then you should go for it.  If you know you won’t be able to follow through with the resolution, it may be worth putting in the time to take a look at why you hadn’t invested much effort into your New Years Resolution throughout the course of the year, and what you can do to implement 2015 New Years Resolution ideas.  When you can carefully review what didn’t work during 2014, and what changes you can potentially implement during 2015, you are already placing a plan of action in motion to drive a more successful future for yourself.  By doing self-checks like this, you become able to grow as a person because you are willing to make improvements to yourself.  When willingness is involved, enlightenment and enhancement can take place.

Tying up loose ends to ensure the peaceful close to 2014 and also brainstorming fresh New Years Resolution ideas can get you situated in a healthy frame of mind for 2015.  This can be ideal for the recovering alcoholic and/or addict.  With a plan set in motion, the recovering individual has goals to strive toward and a way to meet those goals, which can prove healthy for their recovery.

Do you lack the ability to set goals because you are active in an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol?  Contact The Watershed today for help to put an end to the cycle and find a new way of life beyond what you already know.  There is hope and even you can find it in recovery, so call today at 1-800-861-1768.

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