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New UCF Study On Oxycodone Drug Addiction

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Oxycodone drug addiction in Florida had been the highest in nation until unique legislative measure sought to put firm parameters around the dispensing of the drug.

Oxycodone Drug Addiction

The highly addictive pain killer, along with other ones as well. An overwhelming number of people in drug rehabs are admitted because of opiate pain pill addictions. Florida’s prevalence of pain clinics and the amenability of the doctors, both for legitimate and illicit purposes, allowed the flow of the prescription drugs to enter into the black market economy in staggering numbers. Before the new legislation, Florida was home to lax regulation of the highly addictive substances. But since the new laws to restrict doctors from doling out said pain pills without any restraint have been in place there has been a steady decline in prescription drug overdose deaths in Florida.

New Laws On Pill Distribution

The new laws passed to restrain pill distribution and curtail oxycodone addiction have been remarkably successful since 2011, so much so that the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has awarded a University of Central Florida professor a substantial research grant to examine the aftershock of the new laws. The study will look at raw data as well as interviewing doctors convicted and sentenced for over prescribing as well as pharmacies guilty of the same. The research will also involve interviews with law enforcement official and officers who have had first hand experience dealing with people who struggle with the effects of oxycodone addiction. According to sources, in 2010 the pain killing narcotics were so prevalent that 90 of the top 100 physicians that prescribed the drug were located in Florida.

UCF Prescription Pill Research Project

Since then, concerted efforts have been made to truncate the number of overdoses, deaths, and overall amount that prescription opiates in the state of Florida. Since 2010, overdose deaths by prescription pain killer have decreased by 17% and overall sales have decreased by 20%. These quick results have precipitated the UCF research project, curious to measure the efficacy of the laws in a comprehensive manner. The funds of the grant that the FDA gave out will reportedly go to other states investigating similar prescription drug phenomena. Hopefully these thorough investigations will be able to uncover trends nationwide and coalesce to make an effort to fight prescription drug abuse. The UCF research project is a great start, and more will follow should it prove profitable.



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