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Matthew Cordle Video: One Year Later After “I Killed A Man” Confession

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(Photo: Because I Said I Would)

A new Matthew Cordle video has been uploaded now that it is one year later after the 22-year-old created his widely-viewed video that captured the public confession of him admitting that he killed 61-year-old Vincent Canzani in a drunken driving incident on June 22, 2013.  Now incarcerated for his 6 ½ year sentence for aggravated vehicular homicide, Cordle has reflected on the irreversible damage he has caused.

New Matthew Cordle Video Uploaded

“It’d be difficult to really say what I’d be doing if I was still out there right now if none of this ever happened,” the new Matthew Cordle video began.  “You know what I was doing wasn’t anything positive and it was all really meaningless in the end and now that I’ve had those freedoms taken away I can really see how meaningful the little things really are.”  The young man genuinely gave thought to these simple pleasures in life that he claims he use to take for granted.  Cordle referenced times with his grandparents in the video and how these seemingly monotonous moments together mean so much more to him now because it was time spent with people he truly cared about.  Being so far removed from his loved ones, Cordle claims that he sees how simple events like grocery shopping and taking walks got taken for granted but that he would now be grateful to do them since he is not able to partake in these activities because of the current imprisonment.  At the end of the Matthew Cordle video, he focuses more on how “once you’re in here [prison], you just fade away,” which truly highlights how he is continuing to take accountability for his irreversible action in which he took the life of the innocent man when intoxicated and driving his vehicle.  Not to condemn his irresponsible action, but he’s not necessarily fading away.  He is actually trying to make a positive change after having realized what he has done and although he must see that he cannot undo the damage he has caused, he is trying to send a message out to the public so that nobody else has to make the same mistake or suffer the same consequence he has as a result.  His actions demonstrate how he wants to turn a horrific sequence of destructive events into a message to society about the dangers of drunk driving.  The recent Matthew Cordle video expressed, “My hope is that everyone can make the promise not to drink and drive.  Not to make destructive decisions that could affect others negatively.  But if you’re not at that point yet, and you are struggling, make the promise to seek help.”  Matthew Cordle began the movement Save Your Victim to spread awareness of the driving while intoxicated and encouraging drinkers to stay off the road to prevent a destructive decision, ultimately saving the potential victim’s life.

Because I Said I Would

The Matthew Cordle video was once again taken by Because I Said I Would, which is a nonprofit social movement founded by Alex Sheen.  The initiative behind the organization is to help others keep their promises by allowing them a social media setting to display the promise they intend on following through.  When people are able to stick to their word, they show a sense of accountability and act responsibly.  These are important character traits to have because it shows that the person is putting in the effort to be dependable and strong-willed.  If each individual can make the commitment of striving to build their character in this way, then society will improve as a whole.  This is the mission that Alex Sheen first set out for, inspired by the idea of keeping promises due to believing that “one day there won’t be a tomorrow” after the death of his father was caused by terminal cancer.  All in all, tragedy may strike, but it is in difficulty that opportunity lies.  As it pertains to the recent Matthew Cordle video, the man took his destructive decision and continued trudging forward to hopefully impact others, encouraging them to make better choices by abstaining from drinking and driving to avoid the disastrous consequences.

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