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New Marijuana Breathalyzer Starts Street Trial

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Marijuana-BreathalyzerIn early 2016, Hound Labs, Inc., located in CA, will start its clinical trials for their new product – a marijuana breathalyzer – that will be able to detect THC levels, reports CBS News.

Hound Labs, Inc. has been working with a team of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, to develop a device that would help law enforcement officers to detect the overuse and impairment of marijuana. The marijuana breathalyzer will be similar to the device used to detect alcohol at road stops, but will instead check for levels of THC.

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There are products on the market now that can detect marijuana use, but they require bodily fluids like urine or blood, which can make it inconvenient and unrealistic to detect on a road stop. This new marijuana breathalyzer will be able to test with breath while also determining if a person is impaired from the drug.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reported that 3.8% of drivers that were over the age of 12 had been under the influence of drugs while driving in the past year. The most frequent drug used while driving was marijuana.

Hound Labs’ new marijuana breathalyzer will first be tested by police officers in the San Francisco Bay Area. If these trials are a success, the device will be on the market by end of 2016.

We hope that this new device, and other new devices being developed, will help protect all of us on the roads by preventing drug-impaired driving crashes. This is just one small step forward to help our nation combat the ever-growing drug problem it’s facing.

Another way to help prevent drugged driving accidents is to simply not do drugs. If you feel the need to use drugs even when you don’t want to, you may be struggling with a drug dependency problem. Contact The Watershed today for more information on dependency and how you can stop, and stay stopped.

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