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New Hampshire Man with Hepatitis C Addicted To Fentanyl, Infected Patients

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The progression of addiction can be a slow burn, but its destination is all the same. Often, the decisions of an addict or alcoholic are also detrimental to those people involved in their lives, mostly family and friends. But sometimes complete strangers get caught in the maelstrom of misery and destruction.

Infected Others With Hepatitis C

A tragic example of this comes from New England, specifically the New Hampshire man with Hepatitis C tragedy that has been charged with spreading the infectious and potentially fatal disease. David Kwiatkowski, 33, is the New Hampshire man with Hepatitis C in question. Kwiatkowski worked until this past summer as a traveling medical technician until he arrested for tampering with a consumer product and obtaining controlled substances by fraud. He had been stealing his patients’ fentanyl syringes to use on himself, and then refilled them with saline to conceal the theft. The used and bogus needles were then injected into patients, infecting them with the Hepatitis C virus that Kwiatkowski has.

Addiction Always Takes You Farther Than You Want To Go

The opiate addiction that Kwiatkowski struggles with has certainly transcended the realm of personal drug use that only hurts and impairs the user. A complete mental and physical dependence had ensued, and became so awful that it led to a total negligence of ethical responsibility and escalated into a public health hazard. Prescription pain killers like fentanyl, oxycodone, and OxyContin have been long known to be highly addictive. No matter what moral compunction one may have, a person’s appetite for their addiction will lead them into a turpitude from which the consequences are irreversible. This New Hampshire man with Hepatitis C will have to pay for his gross negligence with substantial prison time. Hopefully he will find the addiction treatment help he needs during the incarceration.

Out Of Control Before You Know It

There is always hope for a struggling addict, even one in the grip of an insatiable opiate addiction. The bad news is that you can not change the past, and Kwiatkowski will have to live with decisions he made, as they affected potentially hundreds of strangers’ lives. Kwiatkowski is thought to have infected 30 different people with the used syringes and it is reported that he will possibly receive a sentence of up to 10 years for each product tampering charge, as well as up to four years for each count of fraud. The rest of his life may very well be spent in prison. Please call us at 1-800-853-1614 to get the help you need in getting out of the prison of addiction or alcoholism.

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