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New Cases of Flesh-Eating Zombie Drug “Krokodil” in the U.S.

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New reports suggest drug addicts and abusers in the U.S. are using Desomorphine, a Russian designer drug with the nickname, “krokodil.” In the past, disturbing reports surrounding this substance have only been linked to those in poor communities of Russia, leaving Americans with less reason to worry. Just days ago, however, Fox News leaked an interview with the Co-Medical Director of Banner’s Poison Control Center, Dr. Frank LoVecchio, who revealed there are now two reports of cases involving krokodil on American soil.

LoVecchio expressed concerns, “Where there is smoke there’s fire,” regarding the potential for this flesh-eating substance to increase in popularity.  Many drugs like heroin, meth, and cocaine have started out as an irrelevant issue that soon infested the nation. With that said, it’s important to learn about the dynamics of krokodil in order to understand why people should stay away from it.

Krokodil costs an arm and a leg. Literally.

Images of krokodil side effects are horrific, to say the least. Its destructive anatomic effects inspired the drug’s nickname, which is the translation of the Russian word for “crocodile.” Users mix together an array of chemicals such as eye drops, paint thinner, gasoline, hydrochloric acid, and red phosphorus scraped from the striking pads of a matchbox. The drug is not filtered before it is injected, which means that high amounts of industrial chemicals enter the system and begin decaying various parts of the body. If a user misses the vein at the injection site, an immediate abscess is formed. The consequence of more prolonged use is poor circulation and non-healing ulcers that cause a scaly black formation of Gangrenous decaying skin, which soon sloughs off as infection eats away bone and muscle tissue from the inside out.

Recovery from Krokodil

The stages of recovery from krokodil addiction are extremely difficult. Irina Pavlova, a recovering krokodil addict from Russia, told TIME Magazine that she used krokodil every day for six years after learning to cook it in her brother’s kitchen. She has since quit using, but is left with some debilitating scars. While she was fortunate enough to avoid losing her limbs, her motor skills have been severely affected – noticeably through her impeded speech and constant vacant stare.

Stop the spread of Krokodil by spreading awareness

Understanding the grotesque aspects of krokodil is enough to make you think smoking cigarettes and sniffing glue are comparatively safe. However, whether the consequences result in your limbs falling off or your bank account drained, substance abuse of any kind isn’t worth it. Even though this Russian concoction might decrease your life expectancy severely, other forms of addiction are just a different means to the same end. Take care of yourself, and your community, by spreading awareness about the realities of krokodil use and reporting any suspicious circumstances where krokodil may be involved to law enforcement immediately.

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Krokodil News Update 

10/16/2013 – Two sisters from Joliet, Illinios confirm reports of Krokodil in the U.S. Amber and Angie Neitzel stated that they have been using Krokodil for about a year. The sisters said that they didn’t know that they were using Krokil, but knew that it was a mixture of codeine and other toxic ingredients. Dr Abhin Singla, a leading drug specialist, confirmed that the Neitzel sisters have in fact been abusing the deadly drug Krokodil. Angie was one of 5 patients being treated for Krokodil abuse. Angie's sister Amber said "My boyfriend actually had maggots coming out of his leg. I know people don't want to hear stuff like that, but it is really happening out here." The DEA initially played down the rumors, but it appears that they may have to start taking these incidents a little more serious. 

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