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Nelsan Ellis Death: At Home Alcohol Detox

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nelsan-ellis-deathFans of the TV series True Blood are still mourning the loss of Nelsan Ellis, who passed away recently from alcohol withdrawal complications, according to The Washington Post. Nelsan was only 39 years old and was best known for his role as the drug dealer, Lafayette Reynolds, on the hit HBO series.

Nelsan Ellis Death

After cycling in and out of an addiction rehab program, Nelsan felt maybe he could try recovering on his own. The danger with that, of course, is that withdrawing from alcohol without a proper medical detox can lead to complications like the one Nelson passed from – liver, kidney, and heart failure.

Nelsan’s death is a huge reminder about how deadly the disease of alcoholism is and how it can affect anyone. What makes this tale even sadder is that he didn’t have to die this way, and there are many others struggling too and attempting to detox from alcohol at home. This is a cautionary tale for anyone struggling with alcoholism to seek medical attention – even if you have tried and failed at recovery before. Relapse is not a requirement for long-term sobriety, but it can happen and you should not be ashamed. It was extremely brave of Nelsan’s family to be so open and honest about his death in hopes his story could help save other lives.

The Stigma Of Alcoholism

There are many alcoholics who attempt to get sober on their own and there are so many reasons why. Some may believe that it is not that big of a deal because they do not fully understand that alcohol is a toxin, and after long-term use, it can kill you. In addition, those who have been to rehab before may feel discouraged or even embarrassed to admit they relapsed and go back. This is mainly because alcoholism is still viewed as a moral failing and so those suffering from the disease are embarrassed or nervous to let others know, sometimes even professionals. No one likes to think they are bodily and mentally different from others, especially when that difference could have you judged for being a bad person. Alcoholism is a disease and those who suffer from it should be treated with the same respect and dignity as any other illness that kills. So if you are struggling alone, please reach out for help. Your life is worth it!

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