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NDFW: Facts & Myths About Popular Drugs & Alcohol

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The theme of this year’s National Drug Facts Week is “shattering myths”.  In keeping with that theme we would like to discuss some popular myths and facts about drug and alcohol addiction.  There are plenty of misconceptions about drug and alcohol use that are argued so strongly, sometimes it is hard to differentiate the facts from the myths.  Below are 5 of the most argued popular beliefs about drug and alcohol use and we will separate the truths from the myths

Drug Facts Week

Myth #1– Coffee sobers you up if you have been drinking:  

Fact: This is an old one that has been perpetuated through movies and pop culture for a long time.  Coffee, cold showers and “sweating it out” are all strategies that do not work.  The truth is that time is the only thing that sobers a person up.  The body needs time to break down and process the alcohol and no amount of cold showers can speed up the time it takes your liver to do that work.  

Myth #2 – Marijuana is not an addictive substance and does not cause health problems:

Fact: About 1 in 11 people who smoke marijuana develop a serious addiction to it. THC the active chemical in marijuana affects the hippocampus which is important for short-term memory.  Prolonged use of marijuana can also lead to cardiovascular disease.

Myth #3 – It is impossible to become addicted from just using a drug once:

Fact: While it is true that usually the longer someone uses a drug, the more dependent they become on it, some drugs (meth for example) can cause a chemical dependency in the brain from just a single use.  

Myth #4 – Legal drugs are not bad you:

Fact: This one is tricky. While the FDA approves drugs for medical reasons, many people take prescription drugs for recreational purposes.  For example, synthetic opioids like OxyContin are prescribed for people with severe and chronic pain, but are often used recreationally. Opioids are now responsible for more overdose deaths than heroin and cocaine combined in the United States.

Myth #5 – Alcoholics and Addicts cannot recover:

Fact: Not everyone recovers from drug dependency, however with the help of the right residential rehab facility and abstinence from drugs and alcohol, an individual can fully recover from addiction. If you are struggling with addiction please call 1-800-861-1768.

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